Clip Review: Bratty Ass Worship – Featuring Goddess Amanda

by Michael Smith
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“Please Goddess Amanda, please let me worship your nice round ass!”
Get used to repeating this new mantra imprinted upon you by the ridiculously sexy, hard-bodied Goddess Amanda.  She takes great delight in teasing the hell out of boys like you with her spectacular ass. How hard will she make you beg? How soon will she have you on your knees praying for the privilege of kissing those smooth, tight ass cheeks of hers?
Amanda1 Amanda2
Goddess Amanda looks breathtakingly beautiful in her two-tone blue bra and panties, and her body is flawlessly perfect.  With her hair in ponytails, she looks oh so innocent and sweet, but behind that image is a calculating Goddess who loves to humiliate and degrade men for her amusement.  Nothing gives her greater pleasure than watching a grown man on his knees begging to kiss her perfect ass.  Nothing pleases her more than slaves offering her virtually anything to be given the chance to be her ass worshiping little pet.  This clip is exactly as the title implies, and you’ll be begging hard for the chance to worship this Bratty Goddess and her magnificent ass! Are you ready to be pathetic and laughable for Goddess Amanda? Make sure your begging is very convincing if you want her to be entertained, slutty boys!

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Clip Name: Bratty Ass Worship
Models In The Clip: Goddess Amanda
Date Reviewed: August 29th,2015
Where the clip is available: iWantClips
Cost of the clip: $8.99

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