Clip Review: Boyfriend Turned Foot Bitch – Featuring Princess Rene

by Michael Smith
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Boyfriend Turned Foot Bitch

Any man who hopes to have the gorgeous Princess Rene as his girlfriend better know you play by her rules…always! Let’s face it, a woman this hot could date any man she set her sights on.  Married men would leave their wives, and guys with girlfriends would dump them in a heartbeat with just a snap of Princess Rene’s fingers and a show of interest. 
So as her very fortunate boyfriend, when Princess Rene comes home and her feet are tired and sweaty, you’d better drop everything and massage those sexy feet.  And when she tells you to take off her sandal and sniff and kiss those perfect toes, you’d better not hesitate.  If being her foot bitch is what it takes to remain her boyfriend, there isn’t a man alive that wouldn’t accept those terms.  The reward of serving her gorgeous feet added to the privilege of dating a woman as fine as Princess Rene are worth anything!
Excellent femdom clip involving foot worship and female control.  Princess Rene takes full control of her boyfriend, Jason Ninja, and thoroughly enjoys his hesitation, slight resistance, and ultimate capitulation to her demands to lick and suck her sweaty feet.  Princess always wins! Enjoy this sexy clip and many others by the gorgeous Princess Rene. 

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Clip Name: Boyfriend Turned Foot Bitch
Models In The Clip: Princess Rene
Date Reviewed: September 4th,2015
Where the clip is available: Kinkbomb
Cost of the clip: $7.99

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