Clip Review: Boot Worshiping Ass Kisser – Featuring Divine Goddess Jessica

by Michael Smith
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This exceptionally lucky slaveboy is exactly where every admirer, devoted worshiper and servant of Goddess Jessica wishes he was…on his knees before the Divine Goddess herself.  Most of her clips are POV, and at that, they overwhelm the viewer.  Goddess Jessica is totally at ease in front of the camera and, as this clip shows, in session as well.  Watching her interact with her slaveboy, demanding he worship her boots, teasing him, laughing at his nervousness, and generally controlling him in every aspect of his actions is incredible! She is a natural born Domme in every way.


If you’ve ever dreamed of serving Goddess Jessica in person, this clip will give you an insight into what you can expect.  A perfect blend of seduction, temptation, domination and humiliation.  Oh and some pain just to add to your life-altering experience, of course.  Watching Goddess smile and enjoy whipping her slave’s ass until it welts up, slapping his face to make him earn the ultimate prize and look down at him as he worships her boots like a conquering Goddess…it’s all overload for the senses!

Obviously I own many Goddess Jessica clips, and I cherish them all, but this instantly became my absolute favourite of hers. To see her in action with a helpless male, desperate to please her, awkwardly trying to keep pace with her commands, and ultimately submitting fully, is something to behold.  I’ve never wanted to put myself into a clip scene more than I did watching this one.  Feel the sting of her belt across your ass as you watch.  Feel the hard slapping of her hand repeatedly to your face as you suffer knowing that your reward, and my god it’s the ultimate reward, is to kiss the most perfect ass you will ever see.  When Goddess turns and presents her fishnet-clad ass to her slaveboy and tells him to kiss it you’ll understand why men simply cannot resist doing anything Goddess Jessica desires.  This is an incredible r/t session clip from a Domme you know produces only the best in clips.  Add this to your Goddess Jessica library and know that you’ll be watching it often and dreaming of the day you might be worthy of being in this slave’s prized position…kneeling at the altar of your Divine Goddess!

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Clip Name: Boot Worshiping Ass Kisser
Models In The Clip: Goddess Jessica
Date Reviewed: June 6th,2015
Where the clip is available: iWantClips
Cost of the clip: $15.99

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