Clip Review: Black Friday Ass Worship – Featuring Mz Devious

by Michael Smith
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It’s Black Friday, and you thought your wife would never leave the house! While everyone else is dreaming of store sales and bargains, you’ve had Mz Devious’ hot ass worship clip burning a hole in your mind since you downloaded it a few days before.  The minute you saw the gif showing her full, round bubble butt, you couldn’t stop thinking about it.  Finally, as your wife leaves to go sales shopping, you will drop your pants around your ankles, drop to your knees, and show Mz Devious how devoted you are to worshiping that fine derriere of hers!
Stroke it for your perfect ass Temptress.  Watch her running her hands over those smooth, muscular ass cheeks and lean closer as you’re tempted to kiss your computer screen! Her ass is as exquisitely beautiful as any you’ve ever seen and you’re addiction for Mz Devious’ ass is out of control.  Jerk it for that tight ass of hers.  Show her what a good little ass addicted slut you are for her.  Your wife won’t be back for hours and you’re going to spend quality time jerking it to the most perfect ass you will ever lay eyes upon.  After you’ve exhausted yourself, and before wifey returns to show you all she’s bought, make sure you send a nice big tribute to Mz Devious to show her your appreciation for allowing you to spend Black Friday worshiping her magnificent ass, won’t you slaveboy?

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Clip Name: Black Friday Ass Worship
Models In The Clip: Mz Devious
Date Reviewed: January 24th,2016
Where the clip is available: iWantClips
Cost of the clip: $9.99

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