Clip Review: Beta Couple: Worship Me – Featuring Goddess Kayla Jane

by Michael Smith
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You’ve lusted after the gorgeous Goddess Kayla Jane for a long time now.  You buy her videos, join her incredible websites, and follow her every post on Twitter.  You are completely addicted and are entirely her slave.  But what does that say about your wife/girlfriend? If she was a real woman, would you be chasing after Goddess Kayla like you do? It’s time to realize the she’s nothing more than a beta, just like you, and belongs on her knees worshiping Goddess Kayla Jane. 

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Think of it this way, now you and your wife/girlfriend have something you can do together, devote yourself entirely to serving as slaves to the perfect woman, Goddess Kayla Jane.  Imagine looking over as your wife begs to kiss Goddess Kayla’s feet and know exactly how that desperation feels because you’ve long been an eager little slut for Goddess yourself.  She is the absolute Alpha in your life and you and your woman will both serve her needs, her wishes, and obey her commands. 
This clip is seriously hot! Goddess Kayla is gorgeous, as always, but what makes this so erotic is the way she confidently knows that she can use your devotion to her to bring your wife/girlfriend to her knees as well.  What better way to homewreck that to take a couple and enslave them both? Give your relationship meaning and offer yourselves to Goddess Kayla Jane. 

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Clip Name: Beta Couple: Worship Me
Models In The Clip: Goddess Kayla Jane
Date Reviewed: July 28th,2015
Where the clip is available: Kinkbomb
Cost of the clip: $9.99
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