Clip Review: Beautiful & Terrifying – Featuring Trixie Miss

by Michael Smith
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Haven’t you always dreamed of that perfect woman…the one that is drop-dead gorgeous enough that she scares you when you think about what you’d do to please her? Beautiful and terrifying…a dangerous combination.  Miss Trixie is absolutely stunning in her sexy blue dress and her sensual domination style is irresistible.  She knows the effect she has on men and she enjoys preying upon your weakness.  A beautiful woman can make a man do things he never imagined he would and Trixie Miss is the kind of woman that could lead you beyond temptation into destruction if you’re not careful. 
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Are you trying to resist? Do you really think you could? Your desire is running wild and the fact that Miss Trixie scares you only heightens your arousal.  Embrace that inner fear and know that you’ve lost all control.  The moment you laid eyes on this leggy perfect blonde Temptress you lost the ability to say no.  Do exactly as she says and surrender completely.  Like you really have a choice?
Many Dommes have varying styles that allow them to keep their slaves in line and adoring them forever.  Trixie Miss is one of the most sensual and seductive Dommes I’ve ever encountered.  She doesn’t need to be cruel, though she can be when needed, and her most effective punishment is the possibility of losing the privilege of worshiping her.  This clip shows exactly how her style works it’s magic on the psyche of us weak men who couldn’t possibly resist her.  Don’t feel badly, many men better than us have fallen under her spell, and many more will again! What a perfect Temptress!

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Clip Name: Beautiful & Terrifying
Models In The Clip: Trixie Miss
Date Reviewed: November 15th,2015
Where the clip is available: Clips4sale
Cost of the clip: $9.99
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