Clip Review: Ass Tease For Chastity Boy – Featuring Empress Jennifer

by Michael Smith
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She’s so beautiful and seductive that you agreed, without hesitation, to have your cock locked up by Empress Jennifer.  And now that the gorgeous Empress has you exactly where she wants you, the real fun begins…for her at least! Dressed in black leather, including sexy thigh high boots that frame her long, sexy legs and perfect ass, Empress sets about to absolutely destroy you by tempting and teasing you into agonizing frustration.
Pleasing her is what you want most and you desperately try to suffer for her amusement.  The temptation is overwhelming, and the ache in your chastity cage is relentless in her presence.  But you’ll be a good boy and take more for your Empress, won’t you slaveboy? Show her how much you want to please her and how you can push past your limits and take more, suffer more, and surrender completely to please her.  Now that Empress Jennifer has you locked up, you’re hers, and you’re going to be the best slave ever for your perfect Empress, right?
This was my first purchase from Empress Jennifer’s growing clipstore and I was blown away! What a spectacularly beautiful woman, and her seductive and sensual voice will enslave you in an instant.  She is the perfect blend of seduction and cruelty that leaves men unable to resist.  This is a very hot ass tease and chastity clip you don’t want to miss.  For those in a cage, unable to stroke…God help you when Empress starts swaying those hips back and forth and hypnotically teasing you with her spectacular ass! You don’t stand a chance lol.

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Clip Name: Ass Tease For Chastity Boy
Models In The Clip: Empress Jennifer
Date Reviewed: September 19th,2015
Where the clip is available: iWantClips
Cost of the clip: $6.99

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