Clip Review: An Unfortunate Account of Agonizing Tease And Denial – Featuring Divine Goddess Jessica

by Michael Smith
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You’ve waited a lifetime to be in the presence of such perfect beauty, and after driving for 7 hours and enduring months of chastity, in a cage and out, you finally find yourself kneeling before the woman who owns you, Goddess Jessica.  You’ve thought about what it might be like for the entire drive and are desperately hoping this flawless beauty shows you mercy and allows you the privilege of cumming for her.  Of course, you know that as beautiful as Goddess Jessica is, she can be cruel and manipulative, and you’re about to experience it in person for the first time! Your cock is throbbing inside it’s cage, the cage only she has the keys for! And as you look up at her long legs in over the knee black leather boots and she begins to tease you, the ache grows deeper.  Your heart races as she allows you to remove the cage, only after teasing you with the key of course, and she permits you to stroke for her.  She even teases you with the toe of her boot as you spill your precum onto her foot and then are permitted to clean up your mess. 
But as quickly as she shows you merciful freedom, Goddess Jessica snaps you back to your reality and has you cage yourself again.  Watching her slave struggle to put his engorged cock back into chastity is something to behold, and you almost feel pity for him until you remember he’s in a position every man would die to be in! There will be no cumming, no relief, for this slave today.  He is permitted to stroke just enough to remind him of what he’s missing, and then it’s taken away again.  He is humiliated and teased as Goddess Jessica wraps him even tighter around her little finger.  She owns him completely and there is no question of who makes the rules.  Toying with her desperate slave expertly, Goddess Jessica leaves him blueballed, humiliated and frustrated after his encounter of a lifetime.  One can only imagine the thoughts going through his mind as he replays this encounter as he drives home with his wallet emptied and his balls still full to the brim!

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Clip Name: An Unfortunate Account of Agonizing Tease And Denial
Models In The Clip: Goddess Jessica
Date Reviewed: December 1st,2015
Where the clip is available: iWantClips
Cost of the clip: $26.99

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