Clip Review: A Lifetime of Submission – Featuring Goddess Jasmine

by Michael Smith
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Don’t think.  Surrender any thoughts of yourself and embrace serving and worshiping the gorgeous Goddess Jasmine forever.  You know there’s no chance you could ever be with a woman so perfect, yet you strive to impress her and you cannot resist her.  She’ll tease you mercilessly. Dressed in a provocatively sexy red dress and black stockings, she uses her perfect beauty as a weapon against you.  You are powerless to resist and will obey her every command.  Nothing is more devastating to any man than a beautiful woman who knows how to manipulate weak little bitches like you!
Goddess Jasmine hooked you from the moment you first saw her and  you’ve never been able to break free of her grasp over you since.  Quit trying to get away…resistance is futile.  This is your life now, slave.  Bow down and acknowledge your inferiority and serve this perfect Goddess before you.  No one understands how weak you are quite like Goddess Jasmine does, and she’s going to use you for her own amusement and benefit forever.  She owns you.  What used to be a passing interest in a beautiful dominant woman has now become a full blown addiction.  Out of control, you seek her approval and attention constantly.  That’s a good boy.  Settle into your new life as servant to your Superior, Goddess Jasmine.
How can any man be expected to remain standing and not immediately fall to his knees when Goddess Jasmine wears a tiny little red dress and stockings like this!?! It’s simply not a fair fight and Goddess Jasmine overwhelms.  What a spectacular beauty she is and her raw sensual dominance is on full display in this sexy clip.  She is seductive and teasing, but cruel and mean as well.  She both enjoys, and is disgusted by, your weakness for her.  For those that could only dream of serving a woman this gorgeous, enjoy this clip and imagine being owned for a lifetime by the ultimate British Brat!

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Clip Name: A Lifetime of Submission
Models In The Clip: Goddess Jasmine
Date Reviewed: December 17th,2015
Where the clip is available: Kinkbomb
Cost of the clip: $7.99

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