Bellatrix – IWC Seasonal Clip Promo

by Michael Smith
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The amazing Lady Bellatrix wants you on your knees, binging on her amazing clips in her two iWantClips studios this holiday season.

From now until December 31st, when you spend $50 or more you’ll get 20% off by using the discount code: XMAS23.

Lady Bellatrix offers clips in two studios: her main Lady Bellatrix studio with 700+ clips to chose from, and her dedicated rubber and latex fetish studio, Heavy Rubber Dominatrix, with 125+ clips to chose from.

If you’ve never experienced the pure power and eroticism of Lady Bellatrix in action, what are you waiting for? A session with the amazing Heavy Rubber Dominatrix is something to behold. This is pure latex fetish at it’s finest and between her latex attire and sensual cruelty, there’s no one quite like Lady Bellatrix.

Bellatrix crossed legs in dungeon
Bellatrix red latex ready to peg
Bellatrix kneeling slave in chastity

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Submissive Bitch Fucked by the Dominatrix

This slave admits he is salivating for cock. I’m going to fuck him with my cock, but first I want him to open his mouth and show it a little love. After I’m satisfied with his cocksucking, it’s time for him to take My dick in his ass. At first he’s very tight and I’m going to have to wedge him open. I get him ready and slip into his tight ass. He is feeling slutty, and I’ll give him a big bang.

It’s not long before I’m fucking him so hard the bench is moving. I fuck him so hard and vigorously, I quickly open him up and can then slip 3 fingers in no problem. And, now because he’s so loose and sloppy, it’s time to graduate into something bigger. So, as the first dick was no longer big enough, I come back with a much bigger dick. He says he thinks it’ll feel “rather wonderful” when I fuck his mancunt.

This feels so juicy as I push in, so much bigger than the starter cock. If I go hard enough, I can tickle his brains with my cock. Here he is, the submissive bitch fucked by the Dominatrix, as I stretch him open and make him my slut. He’s much more wider and open now. To think he was so tight when I started! Next time I need something bigger again!

Female Supremacy in Rubber

I am a one woman army on a mission to take down the patriarchy one male at a time. While one remains in the cage, I focus My attention on his colleague who is bound in the strapon bench in heavy rubber. I slowly unzip his catsuit and spit into his ass crack in disgust. Then I saunter to his face with My lady dick in My hand and make him give Me a strap-on blowjob to show him who the boss is.

I start finger fucking his man cunt to stretch him open. Then I pop My strap-on in his arse but after pumping him, I soon realise it’s not large enough. I select a larger dildo, then a larger one all the while reprimanding him for being a male. His moans seem to be of delight which annoys Me. I want to shut him up so I take a large plastic bag and wrap it around his head. Taking his breath away gives Me even more power and I tease him as I take his oxygen away.

His Pathetic Balls Need Busting

I had just received an expensive custom made pair of Italian leather shoes and this slave was the first one to worship them. But he ruined them by leaving his teeth marks on the heel, so I’m going to have to ruin his balls. I start by kicking off My shoes and spitting in his face to show My displeasure. I prefer to be barefoot when I ball bust him so he doesn’t ruin a second pair of shoes! The busting of the balls continues in rapid fire. I knee him in the nuts to drill the message into him. Since it will take at least two months to get My shoes repaired and returned, I inform him that he’ll be getting a harsh ballbusting every day until then!

Rubber Queen Boot Domination

It’s been another long day in the dungeon and My boots are in a desperate need of cleaning. This rubber slave had been sweating profusely so the big challenge for him was to not drip his filth all over My beautiful boots. After a thorough scolding, I make him beg until I hear his voice quiver with desperation. Only then is he allowed to take one boot in both of his hands and worship Me like the Rubber Queen that I am.

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