Alexandria – Vegas Princess & Mean Girl

by Michael Smith
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princess alexandria femdom

Welcome to the world of the strikingly beautiful Princess Alexandria. She will seduce and enslave anyone she desires and once she has you wrapped around her little finger, she will take great delight in your suffering and anguish as you push beyond what you thought were your limits to please this cruel Seductress!

princess alexandria femdom

Interview with Princess Alexandria

slaveboysmith: Supermodel beautiful, Dominatrix powerful & mean girl bratty, today’s Feature Domme; the amazing Princess Alexandria is pure overload for any man. And today as I kneel before her, her allure is evident and all-consuming. Welcome to DA, Princess, and thank you for the privilege of this audience before you today!

Princess Alexandria: The pleasure is all yours.

sbs: Indeed beautiful Princess. Let me begin by asking you when you first realized the power you hold over others and how did that lead you to become the Dominatrix you are today ?

PA: I think I always knew the power I possessed. Though I would say I didn’t really started practicing using this power over others until my adult years. Career wise I started as a dancer, learning that I could use my beauty and grace to get what I wanted from most that I encountered. My role as a Dominatrix didn’t take root until after the pandemic hit and I was forced to find work from home. That’s when I started dabbling with domination online.

sbs: Do you also dominate slaves in real time sessions, or might you one day offer this to worthwhile slaves, Princess Alexandria?

PA: I offer real time. Both Pro and lifestyle. Though especially when it comes to males, I require compensation for my time.

sbs: As is reasonable Princess. What are some of your favourite fetishes to explore in session, and do you dominate both males and females, based on your previous answer?

PA: TPE, FinDom, & Servitude come in as my top 3. Yes, I cater to all genders.

sbs: You caught my eye in a clip I recently purchased in which you have a slave bound and ready to be pegged, but not until after he’s been properly humiliated and caned. To say the scene was erotic and powerful would be a huge understatement. How does it feel in that moment to have absolute control like that?

PA: I absolutely love it! It’s so psychologically satisfying to have that role reversal. Plus I won’t deny my sadistic tendencies.

sbs: Yes, you certainly were not gentle with your strapon and seemed to take great delight in your slave’s cries of anguish. I have never felt more vulnerable as a man than when bent over and being pegged. What is it about this fetish that you particularly enjoy Princess Alexandria femdom?

PA: It’s the power exchange for me. The ability to manipulate the way my submissive feels, the suspense, the sensation…the pain 😀

sbs: If you could put one celebrity in place, bound and ready to suffer for you, who might Princess Alexandria choose, and why?

PA: Well, Kanye West comes to mind. He has such a strong personality. I would even go so far as to say that he’s cocky… it could be fun to belittle him.

Kenny West

sbs: I have no doubt you could have him completely broken down and simping for you any way you wanted to. For those who are unable, or unworthy of an audience in person with you, what type of online/virtual opportunities are there for eager submissives to show their devotion to you Princess Alexandria?

PA: The main platform I use is SextPanther, which offers those that are interested an opportunity to chat with me one on one. I also produce prerecorded content that can be found on IWC or my fan page.

sbs: I mentioned the clip of yours that caught my eye and that I purchased recently and that has been my gateway into becoming fascinated by you. Is there one clip that is your favourite, that everyone reading this must buy to introduce themselves into your world of Femdom?

PA: The only clip that really comes to mind is ‘Know Your Place’. It’s a short clip available on IWC. Even though it’s over a year old, it’s a 100% genuine message and a true look into my perspective as a Domme.

sbs: I have no doubt that one purchase will lead to addiction, more clip purchases and a deep desire to see you in person for a session if they are worthy Princess Alexandria. Thank you so much for the privilege of this interview. Any final words for our readers at DommeAddiction who, like me, have fallen under your spell?

PA: Selflessness will get you fat. Don’t be afraid to communicate.

sbs: With your permission, may this slaveboy please ask one final question of the beautiful Princess before crawling away and getting to work on your feature?

PA: You may.

sbs: I would like to ask how an interview in person, with me on my knees before you as I asked my questions, might end?

PA: An in person interview might end in a head pat… or maybe a kick in the balls. Who knows?!

princess alexandria femdom
princess alexandria mean girls
princess alexandria mean girls





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femdom princess alexandria
princess alexandria femdom
femdom princess alexandria

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