Happy Birthday Femme.S – Slaves Will Kneel and Spoil Perfection!


Unlike any woman you have ever known, she is aloof, indifferent and bratty enough to drive you mad.  Yet the more she treats you like the inferior little fleck of dirt that you are, the more intrigued you are by her hypnotic beauty and sensual teasing.  Stop trying to understand Femme.S and just know that she is on a level beyond your understanding in every way.  She is smarter than you, more cunning and manipulative than any woman you’ve ever served, and her beauty will leave you weak and vulnerable.  She knows you cannot control your urges and she sprinkles just enough temptation to keep your hunger gnawing away at you every time you think of her.  So today, on this special day, you will follow every link below and you will make it your priority to show Femme.S that she is the woman of your dreams by making her birthday absolutely perfect for her.  Send her gifts and lavish her with tributes to show her that nothing matters more to you than her attention.  She is the bratty Temptress of your nightmares and she will have you on your knees, begging to give her more and starving for any morsel of attention she grants you.  You will never meet another woman like Femme.S, and today, on her birthday, you will do whatever it takes for her to notice you.  Good boys spoil their Goddess, and you ache to serve the perfect beauty of today’s Birthday Dream Domme. 




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