Clip Spotlight: Goddess Jessica – Hypnotic Temptress


Today’s Clip Spotlight features an extraordinary array of hypnosis clips from the absolute Queen of Mindfucking, Goddess Jessica. Your mind is a fertile place, and no one sows the seeds of submission quite like her.  If you’ve never experienced one of Goddess Jessica’s hypnosis themed clips, you can’t imagine what you’ve been missing.  Find a quiet place where you can be alone and vulnerable.  Tune out the world around you and kneel before your Goddess.  Enter Her world and prepare yourself for a deep, hard and unforgettable mindfucking experience of a lifetime! 

Recognizing your Hopeless Addiction


Goddess Worship, Mind Fuck
This is a more advanced session for slaves that have already viewed many of my hypn0sis clips several times in a row. Your addiction to me knows no bounds, but do you know just how deep you’ve fallen? You are probably in denial; you probably don’t want to recognize how serious this is. Worry not, I’ll show you from an outside perspective. I’ll show you exactly what I’ve done but instead of running away, you’ll only love me more.
#Femdom, #Femdom Goddess, #Femdom POV, #Hyp-Meditation, #Love Addiction, #Mesmerize, #Seduction, #Sensual Domination

Cult Leader

Goddess Jessica - Cult Leader - iWantClips

Mesmerize, Mind Fuck
This video will give you goosebumps and even though you know I’m a cult leader, you still won’t have the willpower to leave me.
#Femdom, #Goddess Worship, #Hyp-Meditation, #Hyp-Robo Meditation, #mind control, #Mindwash, #Powerful Women, #Slave Training

Hypnosis- Anal Milking


Mesmerize, Prostate Massage
From now on the only way you’ll be able to release for me is by coercing yourself to orgasm with your finger…
#Anal Masturbation, #Blonde Goddess, #Goddess Worship, #Hyp-Meditation, #Jerk Off Instruction, #Masturbation Encouragement, #Mind Fuck

Mesmerize – You Exist To Serve Me


You’ve always been a fan of my hypn0sis, purchasing my clips the second you see them listed. You watch them over and over and over, trying your hardest to tr4nce for me. You follow me on twitter, serve me here and there, obsess over me, but are you really appreciating our time together? Enjoy me to the fullest extent of your being, you never know when I’ll be whisked away to a foreign land. Gorgeous, manipulative, cunning blondes like me don’t stop until they get to the top. You know I’m a wolf and it’s just a matter of time before I’m vacationing in Dubai, traveling the world on a private jet and living a life of luxury you’ll never be able to comprehend. I’ll be too busy to pay you much attention at all… this, right here, right NOW is the highlight of your life! You’ve seen me conquer all sorts of alpha men, reducing them to beta peasants, you were even one of them! You’ve heard about fuck toy, a hot little stud I use as my play thing. He lives to serve me in my personal life. Any and every penis afflicted individual is susceptible to my divine influence. This only makes you crazier for me, weaker for me. You want to know every detail of my life. The more you learn about me, the more you love me. Your fetishes keep evolving as our relationship grows and although it scares you to see yourself becoming a “groveling loser” like all the others I want you to accept and embrace it. The fact is, anything I tell you to do is designed to make me happy and my happiness is all that matters. *Immerse yourself in the perfect atmosphere I’ve created for you- WEAR HEADPHONES*
#Goddess Worship, #Mind Fuck

Hypnosis – Succubus


Mind Fuck
This session features a “confusion” induction that is geared towards analytical slaves who’s minds tend to wander. Let me reveal to you just how in love with me you really are. Let me toy with you, lull you into a sense of security,encourage you to relax and open your mind. I’ll playfully seduce you, and then I’ll pounce. Your bl 00 d will turn to ice, you’ll get an uneasy feeling. I’ll assault you with my ideals, hijack your mind. Just as you think you had better turn away from my grip, I’ll ease up, convince you it’s all just fun and games. Relax you again until you find yourself eating out of my hands once more. *Immerse yourself in the perfect atmosphere I’ve created for you- WEAR HEADPHONES*
#Blonde Goddess, #Goddess Worship, #Love Addiction, #Mesmerize, #Powerful Women

Bed Time Trance


Mind Fuck
You’ll be listening to this clip while you sleep for one week. This is a loop that coerces you to edge, hump, worship my feet and repeat. On the 7th day you’ll get to orgasm, then the cycle repeats.
#Blonde Goddess, #Femdom, #Goddess Worship, #Mesmerize, #Powerful Women, #Slave Training

Ruby Red Toes Mesmerize


Warning: Watching this clip will enhance your submissive cravings, make you desire my toes like never before and leave you aching to be mine forever.
#Foot Fetish, #Foot Worship, #Goddess Worship, #Highly Arched Feet, #Hyp-Robo Meditation, #Long Toes, #Meditational Domination, #Mesmerize, #Toes

Real Time Hypnosis – Tease and Denial


Mind Fuck
This week I’m in Miami with Favorite, my most dedicated slave. He’s very shy so I have him jump in the blankets and hide his face from the camera with a pillow so can relax and go under as easily as possible. Before this clip started rolling I had already been hypn0tizing him for 20 minutes, I start rolling at the very end without telling him. I tell him to imagine me standing before him, slowly undressing. I give him permission to visualize my naked body, my soft, perky breasts and my freshly waxed Brazilian. I paint a picture for him as he lays right in front of me in the bed with his eyes shut tight. As I speak I make it sound as if I’m actually getting undressed, even unzipping my pants. I tell him that I’m completely naked, at his feet, right in front of the bed and all he has to do to know if my perfect body matches what he just envisioned is simply open his eyes. But he won’t, I told him they are glued shut. He’s too obedient to open his eyes and see my naked body, I can see him struggling and breathing quickly as I rile him up. Finally, allow him permission. I start counting down from three and when I get to one, I have him open his eyes to reveal me standing there fully clothed, flipping him off and laughing, totally delighted with myself for absolutely mind fucking him!
#Cock Tease, #Goddess Worship, #Hyp-Meditation, #Mesmerize, #Strip Tease, #Tease & Denial

I Am the Key To Your Happiness


Goddess Worship
You’ve started to forget how powerful and effective my voice is, you need a refresher. Purchasing subpar, pretend clips has only teased you and left you unsatisfied and aching for mine. You’ve missed me, why don’t you indulge yourself? You crave my control. *Immerse yourself in the perfect atmosphere I’ve created for you- WEAR HEADPHONES*
#Goddess Worship

Enslaving A Weak Man


Erotic Goddess, Mind Fuck
You have always thought of yourself as a noble man. Someone like you would stand up to an evil woman like Me. You finally confront me, time to put Me in My place. Ahhh, but you’re no match for me, silly man. You will feel weak to behold My beauty. You desire to submit to Me. Suddenly all you know is my voice in your head. You will feel what it is like to follow My commands, worship Me, praise Me, feel pain for Me and pray to Me. You will helplessly follow my every command until suddenly, an orgasm escapes from you and you’ve given me exactly what I want- your life long servitude. *This is a fantasy scenario, real techniques were not used in this clip.
#Brain Wash, #Brainfuck, #Brainwash Fantasy, #brainwashing, #Mesmerize, #Mind Fuck

Dreamy Strap On Goddess Worship


Goddess Worship
I rule your life and you are proud to admit that you exist solely to enhance my life. I have made your mind and your cock deeply dependent on me. Every fiber of your being yearns for me and I am all too happy to feed that growing desire. I’ve already trained you to only cum with your prostate, you no longer masturbate like a normal man. You need to be filled. Worship me while you massage your prostate, carving out yet another nook inside of yourself for me to plant my seed. When I unveil a training cock tucked between my legs, the sheer image of my power and beauty is enough to bring you to orgasm. You, of course, hold off until I say.
#Anal Masturbation, #Femdom POV, #Findom, #High Heels, #Jerk Off Instruction, #Legs, #Lingerie, #Powerful Women, #Strap-On

Tapping Into The Sweet Spot


Mesmerize, Mind Fuck
*Immerse yourself in the perfect atmosphere I’ve created for you- WEAR HEADPHONES* This clip is a work of art. You’re already captivated by me… already able to go into that deep, dark place you know so well. Let me take you further, let me weaken you. I want to rip, stretch and pull your mind until it’s exactly how I want it- weak and susceptible to my teachings. I will seduce you into weakness, take your breath away, work you up into a horny mess and then leave you hanging after I get what I want from you. It’s all about ME. (This clip features a binural beat that *may* make you feel dizzy. Do not listen to the clip while driving a motor vehicle.)
#Brain Wash, #Brainfuck, #Brainwash Fantasy, #brainwashing, #Goddess Worship, #Hyp-Meditation, #Hyp-Robo Meditation

Evil Therapist Paralyzes You


Mind Fuck
Don’t be nervous sweetie, this is relaxing. You just rest and let me guide you into a tranquil state of mind. What’s wrong? Can’t move? Can’t talk? Can’t defend yourself? How convenient, I was just going to humiliate and rob you! Be a darling and watch helplessly. Contains elements of the following: humiliation, sph, blackmail, , tease and denial.
#Blackmail Fantasy, #Humiliation, #Mind Fuck, #SPH, #Tease & Denial

“Hyp-meditation”sis Multiple Orgasm JOI


Mind Fuck
I can make you do whatever I want. I can summon the impossible… male multiple orgasms. Your body will obey me. Binural beats- Listen with headphones.
#Mind Fuck

Hypnotherapy- Cleansing The Guilt, Embracing Your Fetish


Goddess Worship
Revamp your internally held values about what is right and commendable. Transcend your superego standards as they only lead to guilty feelings, a loss of self-esteem and a sense of remorse and anger directed at oneself. You don’t have to feel shame about your fetish or your sexuality. Let Goddess Jessica heal you so that you can continue to worship her without interruption or remorse.
#Goddess Worship

“Hyp-meditation”sis – Lullaby


Enjoy this soothing session right before bed, guaranteed to further your addiction with well placed trigger words and lot’s of stimulating visuals. Gape at my legs in adoration as you slip into a mind numbing trance. This clip includes the following: goddess worship, leg worship, heels, finger snaps.

You’ll Never Leave Me


Mesmerize, Mind Fuck
You feel yourself slipping into a deep state of relaxation, the continuous loss of control is really getting to you, really scaring you. You come to me to tell me it’s over, you don’t want to be my slave anymore. You’re DONE. …but it’s not over. Not until I say. I’m standing in front of you in all of my glory, sun streaming into the room and casting a beautiful glow on my face. You can’t help but notice that I look like an angel as I gently remind you who’s in control here, slipping out of my dress and revealing my gorgeous body. Suddenly your worries melt away, you kneel before me, awestruck. You admire my glossy full lips, my sparkling eyes, blonde hair, tan legs, perky breasts, round ass, muscular thighs. It’s impossible not to drift away as I coax you into submission, effortlessly putting you right back in your place. Before you know it you’re telling me over and over that you’re my slave, you’re stroking away and trying your hardest to hold off an orgasm. All you want is to linger in front of me, in this perfect moment for eternity. *This clip features no induction *You MUST wear headphones for this clip to be effective*
#Brain Wash, #Brainfuck, #Brainwash Fantasy, #brainwashing, #Goddess Worship, #Hyp-Meditation, #Hyp-Robo Meditation, #Powerful Women, #Slave Training

Guided Bondage Hypnosis


Does the thought of being bound and helpless excite you? In this clip I’ll convince you that you are, that your wrists are tied tight in front of you, that your ankles are bound too. It’s very important that you do exactly as I suggest and wear headphones to appreciate the full effect of this session. It’s also very important that you try not to panic.
#Bondage, #Bondage Play, #Hyp-Robo Meditation, #Mesmerize, #Mind Fuck, #Powerful Women, #Rope Bondage, #Self Bondage

Intense Masturbation Hypnosis


Today I’ll teach you self control. I’ll make you hold off on touching yourself until you’re about to yelp and I’ll enforce the same level of self control over your orgasm. This will only reconfirm that your obedience to me is dreamy and enjoyable.
#Femdom, #Goddess Worship, #JOI Games, #Masturbation Instruction, #Mesmerize, #Mind Fuck, #Powerful Women

You’re Not Safe From Me


Mind Fuck
You think that because you’re a ocean away from me (you all are, I live in Hawaii) that you might be safe from my wicked grasp. By all means, stroke carefully as you listen to my words. You’re cautious enough to close the video before I truly get a hold of you. You’re not like the other stupid losers who fall so quickly before my feet. They are weak, they let me control them. You are different, you are wary of my power. You would never let me manipulate you into servitude as you listen to my soft words, watch my beautiful body writhe before you and and relax you further into a state of lustful bliss…
#Body Worship, #Femdom POV, #Goddess Worship, #Hyp-Meditation, #Mesmerize, #Seduction, #Sensual Domination

Popper Trip


Coerced Bi, Mind Fuck
*Immerse yourself in the perfect atmosphere I’ve created for you- It is essential that you WEAR HEADPHONES* Prepare to enter a different dimension guided by my powerful words. The fumes of your poppers and visions of my sensual, provocative body assault your senses. Paired with audio effects echoing in the corners of your mind, you’ll be a mess. Accept that you’re a cucky, sissy, BBC worshiping Goddess Jessica Junky. Lose your mind, I’ll find it for you.
#BBC, #Brainwash Fantasy, #Cuckold, #Femdom, #Goddess Worship, #Hyp-Meditation, #Hyp-Robo Meditation, #Mesmerize, #Powerful Women, #Seduction

Psychedelic Poppers Mind Fuck

Goddess Jessica - Psychedelic Poppers Mind Fuck - iWantClips

Mind Fuck, Poppers
Are you ready to jerk, sniff and melt?
#Coerced Intoxication, #Femdom, #Goddess Worship, #Mesmerize, #Powerful Women, #Seduction, #Seductress

Hypnosis – Dangerous Goddess Addiction Conditioning


Goddess Worship, Mind Fuck
Time doesn’t exist Nothing matters You can relax knowing that nothing is expected of you in this moment Relax as you rock back and forth Relax as your mind is cradled Soothed by my gentle words Hypn0tiized by my silky voice My divine will powers your life My voice echoes in your head and I influence every thought that exists in your mind, every choice you make, every action you take I want your sacrifices Offerings for a Goddess It’s what I deserve *Immerse yourself in the perfect atmosphere I’ve created for you- It is essential that you WEAR HEADPHONES*
#Brainwash Fantasy, #Brat Worship, #Face Fetish, #Financial Domination, #Hyp-Meditation, #Hyp-Robo Meditation, #Mesmerize, #Seduction, #Seductress

“Hyp-meditation”sis – Goddess Jessica Fetish


Goddess Worship
In this session I will program your body to respond only to me. I will condition you to crave me and only me, I’m all you’ll ever desire. Wear headphones for the ultimate experience and to ensure the brainwave audio works efficiently.
#Goddess Worship

Enhancing Your Addiction

Goddess Jessica - Enhancing Your Addiction - iWantClips

Coerced Intoxication, Love Addiction
Performance Enhancing Drugs, a lecture and practicum by the internet’s premier sexual psychother@pist. Today I’ll be discussing the use of substances to elevate performance in your #1 hobby, serving me. Drugs lubricate the brain and body’s systems that make you subservient, therefore you should apply them liberally. I’ll start with a brief history of addiction, reflecting on it’s role in human evolution and the consequences that has for the modern day brain. Next I’ll explain each drug, it’s effects and how this benefits us both. After giving you an intermission to partake in your drug(s) of choice, I’ll lead you into a masturbation journey. I’m so happy to be growing and enhancing addictions, delighting in the strength of the neural bridge between your pleasure and ME.
#Goddess Worship, #Herbal Intoxication, #JOI, #Masturbation Encouragement, #Mind Fuck, #Poppers, #Powerful Women

Diabolical Hypnosis


Adult Role Play, Mind Fuck
You are a spy for the US government…. not a very good one though. I’m an international criminal with dangerous plans to take over the world, I have you tied up in my lair. I tell you that you’ll be working for me as a double agent from now on, you absolutely refuse. When they were training you to endure t0rture, to keep from spilling secrets, did they teach you to resist hypn0sis too? Doubt it! Looks like you’re fucked…
#Fantasies, #Femdom, #Femdom POV, #Goddess Worship, #Seduction

“Hyp-meditation”sis- Guilty


Mind Fuck
You disappoint me, you disappoint yourself I don’t need to lure you back, you’ll come on your own. I don’t need to punish you, the lack of my attention is punishment enough You know if you need this clip, you know if you’ve been less than a good boy. Marinate in your guilt, you deserve it. Improve yourself or perish in a world without me.
#Mind Fuck

Unsuspecting Hypnoslavery


Femdom Goddess, Mind Fuck
You leave your friends loud and crowded wedding to take a breather. On your way you walk past a women who is quietly reading a book in a back room. She stops you and asks if she’s missing anything important, you comment on her beautiful necklace and the next thing you know, you’re hers. You’re not sure why or how it happened, you just know she’s all you ever wanted and that you’ll do her bidding no matter what.
#Brainwash Fantasy, #Erotic Goddess, #Financial Domination, #Goddess Worship, #Hyp-Meditation, #Mesmerize, #Powerful Women, #Seduction, #Seductress, #Slave Training

Hypnosis- Resistance Is Futile


Mind Fuck
Look at me Look at me Don’t look away It’s easy to get lost in my eyes It’s easy to fall deeper for me Back here slave, into my eyes I said Why are you resisting? You’re only making this harder on yourself Are you afraid? One little orgasm won’t hurt Just relax Relax Let it happen (you have no choice)
#Mind Fuck

Twitter Cultist Hypnosis


Mind Fuck, Slave Training
Surrender after a long induction and then it’s time to join my legion of drones! This hypn0sis files features binural deepeners and REQUIRES headphones! Immerse yourself in the perfect atmosphere I have created for you.
#Bratty Goddess, #Goddess Worship, #Hyp-Meditation, #Hyp-Robo Meditation, #Mesmerize, #Powerful Women, #Sub Training

Eternal Slumber

Goddess Jessica - Eternal Slumber - iWantClips

Execuutrixx, Mind Fuck
My dear husband and I come home from a wedding. It was fabulous, but so exhausting. I know he hasn’t been sleeping well at all lately, a chronic workaholic, he tosses and turns all night worrying about his millions. I implore him to let me use my voice to soothe him into getting a good nights sleep, after all, I used to be a therapist. I patiently ease his fears and finally get him to agree to it. I gleefully watch his eyes glaze over, listen to his breathing slow, witness him let down his guard completely. He trusts me, I’m his adoring wife. Once he’s in a deep state of relaxation my words take a sinister turn. A few herbal flowers wouldn’t hurt, I feed them to him. Mountain Laurel, the toxin found in it simultaneously causes part of the heart to beat quickly and part to beat dangerously slowly. The result? Sudden cardiac arrest. But that only happens with large doses. In smaller doses, you can expect to start with a lot of vomiting, after which every hole in your head will leak its fluids down your face. About an hour later, your breathing will slow down, you’ll lose the ability to use your muscles, and you’ll slip into a coma and die. I want to help him to sleep, deeply, so deeply he’ll never wake again.
#Brain Wash, #Brainfuck, #Brainwash Fantasy, #brainwashing, #Femdom POV, #Goddess Worship, #Hyp-Meditation, #Hyp-Robo Meditation, #Mesmerize, #Powerful Women
#Brat Girls, #Bratty, #Bratty Princess, #Femdom POV, #Financial Domination, #Legs, #Petite Princess, #Slave Task

Hyp-Meditation – Your Perpetual Servitude

Goddess Jessica - Hyp-Meditation- Your Perpetual Servitude -

Goddess Worship, Love Addiction
You leave and you come back. Leave and come back. Did you think that getting married would fix everything? Do you think the ring on your finger will keep you from me? Think again. I’m the only person in your life that holds any meaning or power at all. *Immerse yourself in the perfect atmosphere I’ve created for you- WEAR HEADPHONES*
#Homewrecker, #Homewrecking, #Hyp-Meditation, #Hyp-Robo Meditation, #Mesmerize, #Mind Fuck, #Powerful Women

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