Clip Review: Shove Your Whiteboy Face In My Superior Black Ass – Featuring Goddess Ana Foxxx of


You’ve been looking haven’t you? Every time you’re out and a beautiful, confident and superior Black woman is nearby, you can’t help but stare and dream.  You have known for a long time how inferior you are to all women, but in particular, you are at your weakest in the presence of a supreme Black Goddess.  Gorgeous Ana Foxxx knows exactly what you’re thinking, dreaming of and lusting after.  She knows how weak her perfect ebony skin and flawless body make you.  And when she orders you to your knees before her, you obey her without hesitation.  Looking up her long, dark legs, you listen and drool as she tells you exactly what serving her will be like.  You’ll do everything to please your Goddess, beginning by worshiping her gorgeous feet in her sexy gold shoes.  Get your face right in that shoe and then lick every inch of her superior feet to please your ebony Goddess Ana.  You’re a pathetic little whiteboy, and you exist to serve your Superior Black Goddess in any way she demands.  You belong beneath her feet, kneeling beneath her magnificent black ass that overwhelms you completely.  Once you’ve licked her feet clean, if you’re a good little slave, Goddess Ana might just let you taste that heavenly ass of hers that has you so weak and willing.  She loves to make weak whiteboys like you beg.  Her body is as beautiful and perfect as any you have every encountered.  Watch and sniff and dream of that perfect ebony ass that occupies your every thought.  Goddess Ana loves having whiteboys on their knees eager to please her, and today, you will serve her perfectly.
Pressing your face against her golden thong, you feel her firm, muscular ass cheeks pressing back against you.  Take a deep breath and enter slave heaven as you push your face deep into her ass and feel her rubbing that gorgeous little puckered hole against your face.  My god that ass is exquisite!  Nothing compares to kneeling before your Black Queen and sniffing her hot little asshole as she tells you what a pathetic little whiteboy you are.  And as she runs her fingers along her sexy black pussy, imagine how it would feel to be worthy to have your cock inside her.  But you’re not worthy.  Sniff it and dream about how it might feel.  The teasing is relentless as she rubs her pussy up and down just out of range of you touching it with your hungry tongue and has you repeat your new mantra: 
“I am a pathetic whiteboy who needs to be owned by a Black Goddess”
Over and over, you repeat your incantation, pleasing Goddess Ana enough to have her grant you permission to take out your pathetic little white cock and stroke for her.  She humiliates you about your inadequacy as she counts you down and grants you the most humiliating and degrading orgasm of your life.  It’s also the most intense feeling ever as you are put perfectly into place and shown your value in this relationship.  You’re a pathetic little whiteboy owned by a Black Goddess and unable to resist the uncontrollable urge to worship her sexy feet and spectacular ass!
I don’t often delve into the world of racial humiliation, or interracial domination often, but this clips from featuring the extraordinarily hot and sexy Goddess Ana Foxxx was not to be resisted.  The allure and mystery of serving a Black Goddess is a strong and lustful fantasy in many white slaves, myself included, and a woman like Ana Foxxx taking absolute control and putting us in our place as she brings us to our knees? Well that would be an experience of a lifetime! Enjoy this amazing clip, and thanks to Glenn King for bringing it to my attention and requesting the review.  It was truly amazing to watch Goddess Ana in action, and this clip is a must buy!

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Clip Name: Shove Your Whiteboy Face In My Superior Black Ass
Models In The Clip: Goddess Ana Foxxx
Date Reviewed: August 12th, 2017
Where the clip is available: Femdom Interactive
Cost of the clip: $9.99

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