Clip Review: Lick It – Featuring Miss Roxana Rae

In her stunning thigh high black boots and shiny PVC red and black corset, gorgeous Miss Roxana Rae tells you she knows exactly how pathetic your life truly is.  With her magnificent breasts ready to burst from her corset and her legs spread open, she has your attention 100% captivated.  Your life is so predictable and sad.  You have to portray someone that you are not.  Every day you pretend to be an Alpha, a big strong man in control of everything in your world.  And when you come home each day, you crawl to Miss Roxana Rae to find some semblance of meaning in your life.  You need her to feel alive, and kneeling before your Goddess puts you in your rightful beta place.  Extending her long leg towards your eager mouth, she explains that you will be her little beta boot bitch, cleaning every inch of her shiny boots until they are spotless.  Dribbling her Goddess spit down onto them, you will eagerly lap up every bit of it as you shine her gorgeous boots.  Beta losers like you need to have a strong woman to put them into their proper place.  And as you kneel before your Goddess, hungrily licking at her boots, tasting her saliva, you will feel more alive in that moment than in your entire life.  Her power over you is intoxicating and allows you to be who you truly are.  She is your entire world, and you live for these moments of worship in between the rest of your mundane existence. 
Lick those boots with passion and enthusiasm.  Push through no matter how tired your tongue might get, because Goddess wants her boots to shine brilliantly.  You exist to worship and tongue polish your Goddess’ boots.  You can’t resist the way Miss Roxana Rae makes you feel.  Each day at work, thoughts of her are all that get you through the dull existence as you pretend to be stronger than you really are.  With thoughts of her shiny boots in your head, you throb beneath your desk, pushing papers and giving directions, pretending that you aren’t dreaming of kneeling before the ultimate woman.  Let yourself go.  Get down on your beta knees and stop pretending, little bitch.  Goddess Roxana knows how pathetic and desperate you are to please her.  Men like you need a powerful woman to put them in their place and bring them to their knees every day.  Look up her long legs as your tongue traces along the back of her boots.  Look up at that perfect ass that owns you.  Miss Roxana Rae is exquisitely beautiful and worshiping her boots is the greatest privilege you’ve ever known.  This is the best part of your day, finally granting yourself the chance to be who you are.  You belong to your Goddess and whatever her demands are, you will eagerly comply.  You need to submit…you have a deep craving to surrender.  Give up every ounce of control you pretend to have and worship Miss Roxana Rae.  There’s no need to pretend when you’re on your knees, lapping at those shiny boots and begging to cum all over them.  Beg hard for the privilege and know that if you are granted permission to shoot that mess all over those sexy boots, you’ll lick every drop clean afterwards.  Does that excite you, little beta? Come on boot bitch, pump that dick and shoot that load all over Miss Roxana Rae’s hot, sexy boots.  This is what will get you through tomorrow and the days to come before you bow before your Goddess again.  Ache for her and thank Miss Roxana Rae for giving your life purpose and allowing you to be who you truly are.  Lick it up, little boot bitch…you missed a spot!

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Clip Name: Lick It
Models In The Clip: Miss Roxana Rae
Date Reviewed: January 7th, 2018
Where the clip is available: iWantClips
Cost of the clip: $12.99

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