Clip Review: Jerk & Edge – Ass Worship – Featuring Goddess Eva Capri

Goddess Eva Capri - Jerk Edge- Ass Worship - iWantClips

Filmed under a blue light to make this clip even more enticing and unique, Goddess Eva Capri is taking control of your cock once again.  This time, however, she will drive you mad with her exquisitely beautiful, plump, ebony ass.  Her ass is spectacular in any light, and as she teases and sways, you are to stroke yourself to the edge and never beyond.  Edge over and over as Goddess uses her incredible ebony ass to make you ache for her.  Watch as she reaches back, pulling those perfect cheeks apart and traces a long nail down the crack of her ass you so desperately hunger to kiss.  Feel your cock bursting for release and those balls aching to be emptied.  This is deliberate and devastating, and Goddess Eva knows how to make a man desperate.
How long can you last? How much stroking will be too much and how many trips to the edge can you take before exploding under Goddess Eva’s relentless teasing? There is nothing on this planet that excites you more than ebony ass worship, and Goddess Eva has a world-class derriere.  Stroke and edge.  Hold back for your Goddess.  Don’t give in to what you want…hold out and show her what an obedient little jerk puppet you can be for her.  Ultimately, Goddess always wins, and no man can withstand the kind of cock tease routine she has in store for you.  How long will you last little slave? Are you up to the challenge of jerking and edging as you worship Goddess Eva’s perfect ass?

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Clip Name: Jerk & Edge – Ass Worship
Models In The Clip: Goddess Eva Capri
Date Reviewed: August 29th, 2017
Where the clip is available: iWantClips
Cost of the clip: $14.99

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