Clip Review: Fishnet Financial Fuck – Featuring Mistress Kasha

Mistress Kasha - Fishnet Financial Fuck - iWantClips

If you’re male, Mistress Kasha knows exactly what to do to mindfuck you into submission.  No matter what you think you are, given enough exposure to her manipulative ways, Mistress will bring you to your knees and turn you into an obeying little pet of hers.  She knows what to do, what to say and exactly how to use that gorgeous body of hers to get whatever she desires.  Why try to resist? This is a game you can’t win, little slave.  She was born to dominate men, and her gorgeous body and beautiful face will leave you vulnerable and eager to tribute.  She has the means, and motivation, to financially ruin you.  Resisting Mistress Kasha in her sexy fishnets will be impossible.  Look deeply into her beautiful blue eyes and feel your cock throb for her.  You’ve already lost.  The instant she gets you hard, you lose all control. You’re almost ready.  Can you feel your will power slipping away as you watch this gorgeous Goddess sliding her hands over her fishnet-clad feet and legs? Your mind is turning to mush as your cock turns to granite…the perfect recipe for Mistress Kasha to drain that wallet of yours.  Get ready, slaveboy.  You’re about to be seriously wallet-raped by an insatiable Findom Mistress, and when she’s finished with you, you’ll beg for more!
You want to be Mistress Kasha’s good little bitch, don’t you? Fulfill her needs and provide everything she wants, knowing that you have pleased this perfect Goddess.  She’s the real deal.  Feel that cock of yours squirting precum as Mistress teasingly licks her middle finger and smiles wickedly at you.  Give her more.  Feel her sliding deep inside you and draining you of all you have earned, and will earn.  Promise to give this dream Goddess more each time.  Effortlessly, moving her body seductively, Mistress tempts and teases and loosens your resolve completely.  There’s nothing you wouldn’t do to bring a smile to that beautiful face, right? And now that she has you riding that edge, so ready to explode, take your hands off that sorry excuse for a cock, and put them to proper use.  Click and spend.  Send everything to Mistress Kasha.  You exist to pay, not to cum.  Understand that Mistress owns you and everything you have, or every will have.  This is the natural order of the universe.  Beautiful women like Mistress Kasha dominate losers like you.  It feels good knowing you’re providing for your Superior, doesn’t it bitch? Bend over and let her fuck that wallet even harder next time like a good boy 😉

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Clip Name: Fishnet Financial Fuck
Models In The Clip: Mistress Kasha
Date Reviewed: September 12th, 2017
Where the clip is available: iWantClips
Cost of the clip: $6.00

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