Clip Review: Expendable Worshiper – Featuring Princess Meggerz

She means everything to you! From the moment you first found yourself kneeling before her, Princess Meggerz has consumed your every thought and owned your soul.  Her beauty astounds you, her tempting teasing leaves you trembling and weak.  She is the woman of your dreams, and a world without her is unfathomable for you.  You need her to take control, to wrap you around her little finger and play mind games with your darkest fantasies and desires.  But as you watch her trace a finger between her sensational breasts, remember that you are nothing more than one of many for her.  Men worldwide worship and adore Princess Meggerz, and you are simply another jerkoff drone to her overwhelming perfection.  How will you ensure she continues to allow you to exist in her world? What if she simply tossed you away and replaced you with one of many who await their turn to kneel at her altar? How devastating might it be to lose your dream Princess?
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She can see right through you.  In her shiny bodysuit, she knows how weak and vulnerable you are.  She knows you were searching for a woman like her for so very long, and now that you bow before her, you can’t imagine ever losing her.  She toys with you, exploiting your desire and lust to her advantage effortlessly.  You don’t want to think, just feel and submit.  Obeying Princess Meggerz feels so right, doesn’t it slave? Submit and Obey.  You need to surrender all control and let your mind empty.  Nothing matters more than doing exactly as your perfect Princess demands of you.  You’ve lost yourself as you surrender deeper to her sensual voice, and as she unzips that bodysuit all the way down, you’re captivated completely.  You’ll do whatever it takes to ensure that Princess Meggerz never loses interest in having you worship her.  She’s hooked you so deeply that you’ll never escape.  You’re her little puppet, strung along and always doing as you’re told.  This is the life you have always craved, the one you need so badly.  Stroke on command as you stare up at Princess Meggerz.  Enjoy the breathtaking view she offers you as you take pleasure in your submission.  Let the weakness she draws out of you course through your veins, stroking away all control as you bask in the glow of serving your Princess.  You will always be a good boy for Princess Meggerz, recognizing that you are expendable and that keeping her in your life will require paying whatever she demands.  You can’t comprehend ever stroking and cumming any other way than under the direct command of her.  Stroke…stroke…stroke little slaveboy.  And when you seal the deal by tributing her, perhaps, Princess Meggerz will allow you to spill that load that’s boiling within you.  Will you be a good boy for your Princess? Of course you will.  Life without her has no meaning, and you’ll do whatever it takes to ensure you remain relevant.  Good boy!

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Clip Name: Expendable Worshiper
Models In The Clip: Princess Meggerz
Date Reviewed: January 6th, 2018
Where the clip is available: Kinkbomb
Cost of the clip: $8.99

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