Clip Review: Deathgasm 2 – Featuring Goddess Jessica


From the first moment you met your father’s much younger, and ridiculously hot girlfriend, you were both concerned for his well-being, and completely blown away by how beautiful she was.  Jessica is the kind of woman that every man notices, and as the relationship progressed, eventually leading to marriage, your concerns grew over her intentions with your father, but so did that burning arousal you felt every time you were around this perfect blonde Temptress.  You’ve had so many hot step-mom fantasies and dreams race through your mind you’ve lost count.  Jessica is the hottest woman you’ve ever laid eyes upon, and as upset as you are to find her standing over your dead father, you’re not entirely surprised.  Something about her made you question her motives, made you fear for your father’s safety and health.  Did she really do it? And why are you not so much outraged, but numb as you hear her soothing voice letting you know that she’s there for you to comfort and make everything okay? Her sensual voice is almost hypnotic as she fills your head with ideas and suggestions.  Your vulnerability is a weakness and Jessica preys upon the weak.  Your thoughts are meaningless, as is life, so just focus on the beautiful Seductress before you as she opens that silky robe and reveals her perfect body in lingerie and stockings.  Feel yourself falling under her spell and ignore the sensation that she might not stop at taking your father’s life today!
Life is meaningless, especially your father’s life, and that’s why she took it.  Your head swirls as Jessica continues to mindfuck you, pulling you deeper into her web as she crosses those long legs and you hear the stockings brush against one another.  Her shiny stiletto heels make you ache for her, and she has total control of you.  She tells you that you’re very much like your father, weak and lustful, and most importantly, easy to kill! You should run from her, but something keeps you kneeling before her, transfixed by her overwhelming beauty.  As she taunts you about how easily your father could be hypnotized, you realize it’s happening to you.  You’re powerless to stop her as she begins to talk about your father’s last few moments of life and how she snuffed him out.  She’s coming for you next, and you’re powerless to stop her.  You couldn’t save your father, and you can’t resist her enough to save yourself.  What a sorry excuse for a man you are.  Slowly entrancing you, she wraps you tighter and tighter around her little finger.  Her spell penetrates your mind as she tempts and teases you to the brink of an orgasm, just like your father.  On command, she counted your father down to his final orgasm, just as she’s about to do to you.  She literally broke his heart, and soon it will be yours she commands to stop beating.  Will you try to resist like your father did? Will you be able to save yourself from this predatory beauty? Try to wake yourself from Jessica’s trance if you can.  Your father wasn’t strong enough, and neither are you.  He died begging for the orgasm that would kill him just because he couldn’t say not to his Goddess.  You’re going to beg for death at the hands of your gorgeous step-mom just like your Dad did.  In fact, Daddy was so pathetic, he even gave Goddess Jessica his blessing to take your life too.  He wanted that pleasure so badly, he sold you out and gave up your life.  How sad is that? But as the pleasure washes over you, you begin to understand how powerful that feeling is.  That desire consumes you and nothing but cumming for the perfect beauty before you is all that matters.  Surrender to that ultimate Deathgasm and prove that step-mommy is always right! Beg to die…just like Daddy 😉

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Clip Name: Deathgasm 2
Models In The Clip: Goddess Jessica
Date Reviewed: April 27th, 2017
Where the clip is available: iWantClips
Cost of the clip: $26.99

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