Clip Review: Cockaholic – Featuring Mistress Mandy Flores



or -oholic


One that is addicted to or compulsively in need of: workaholic; chocoholic.
With her thick black cock between her legs, Mistress Mandy is as imposing as she is irresistibly beautiful.  Her glorious black cock is always ready, always hard, and she affectionately refers to it as the “ass splitter”.  That should terrify you, yet there you are, throbbing at the thought of bending over and again offering up your little bitch ass to your Mistress.  Is your slutty little ass feeling that deep hunger that can only be satisfied by Mistress Mandy’s array of toys? Your cock doesn’t interest her one bit.  Let it leak and throb for all she cares.  Mistress Mandy will be turning her full, undivided attention to that slutty ass pussy of yours.  Beg like the ass whore that you are to have Mistress let you sit on that massive black cock of hers.  Crawl over to her and climb on as that huge phallus slides into you so deeply.  Spitting on her cock, Mistress gets it nice and wet and shiny as she strokes it up and down.  Now get over there and ride that huge dick.  Your ass belongs to Mistress Mandy’s cock.  Ride it well and she MIGHT let you stroke your own pathetic little excuse for a cock. 
Moving into position, Mistress Mandy degrades and humiliates you in this amazing POV experience.  She slaps your ass as she pounds it deep, burying her 10″ black cock so far inside you it feels like it will tear you in two.  Moan as you take it like a whore.  You’re a cock slut for your Mistress and you beg her to ride you even harder.  You love cock.  You love giving up your man pussy for dick every chance you get.  A buttfuck slut…that’s all you are.  Your ass is a cock warmer for Mistress Mandy’s toys and every other man with a superior cock to yours.  After she’s done with you, you’ll be gaping and a cock whore for life.  Come on little cum junkie, sit on that dick and ride it like the bitch that you are.  Moan for Mistress Mandy and know that she loves the way her cock disappears inside you.  Your ass hungrily swallowing up every inch of that huge black cock.  No cumming for you.  Not yet.  Mistress Mandy’s not done plundering your slut hole.  Harder, deeper.  She’s never gentle and you wouldn’t want her to be.  You love being used like the cockaholic whore that you are.  And when she’s finished gaping that ass of yours, Mistress Mandy’s going to make you lick her cock clean.  Ass to mouth, just like a slut like you deserves.  Thrusting her cock back inside you, she tells you to jerk off and have your hand ready to catch all that cum load.  Stroke and cum for your Mistress, and with your ass full of cock you will cum like a bitch.  Stare at that hot load of cum in your hand and when she tells you to, you will slurp it all up like a cum-guzzling whore.  That’s right, slaveboy…little dick bitches like you take it up the ass, beg for it harder, and eat their own cumloads when they’re allowed to cum.  Such a good little anal bitch you are for Mistress Mandy.

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Clip Name: Cockaholic
Models In The Clip: Mistress Mandy Flores
Date Reviewed: December 23rd, 2017
Where the clip is available: Clips4sale
Cost of the clip: $16.99

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