Clip Review: Blackmailing Daddy – Featuring Goddess Amy Wynters

Amy Wynters - Blackmailing Daddy - iWantClips

You awake to your daughter’s voice and as your eyes open slowly, you see her in her schoolgirl uniform, blouse unbuttoned to the point that her huge tits are almost spilling out the top, and she’s asking you for a new phone she has brought up several times before.  In your sleepy state, you say no and tell her that she’s already too spoiled.  I wonder who’s fault that is.  Daddy’s little Princess shouldn’t want for anything, right Daddy? As Goddess Amy toys with her blouse, her breasts catch your attention as they so often do.  She asks, innocently enough, if Mommy knows the kind of things you look at on your computer, and your heart races.  She doesn’t know that you’ve been looking at hot young girls, does she Daddy? Young sexy, chicks with dicks, is it Daddy? Is that what makes you hard? Is that what excites you?  Well, why don’t we play a game then Daddy? I wonder how much you’d like to see your little Princess with a dick, she wonders aloud, as she lifts her skirt to reveal a huge, pink strapon dildo between her legs.  Your naughty daughter has you all figured out and in her sexy schoolgirl uniform and her huge strapon dildo, she’s going to make your every fantasy come true.
Let’s make a deal Daddy.  You want dick and I want a new phone.  I think we should have a little fun before I go to school.  You do want to have fun with me, don’t you Daddy? Here’s the deal Daddy: you get down on your knees and crawl over to me and suck my dick, then while I’m at school, you go buy me that new phone I want, and I won’t tell Mommy what a little cocksucking faggot you really are.  You want to scold her for the way she’s talking to you, but watching her hand sliding up and down that huge cock, and seeing her open her blouse and her huge tits in her tight bra, you can’t think about anything but the raging hardness in your pants.  This shouldn’t be happening.  You’re supposed to be stronger than this, but she has you weak and vulnerable and exposed.  Be a good boy and take her cock in your mouth, Daddy.  Mmmm you’re hungry for dick, she says as she smiles down at you.  Swallow it all for me you dirty little pervert.  Get every inch of Goddess Amy’s cock nice and wet.  From now on, you’ll be her dirty little cocksucking faggot slut.  Do everything she demands of you or she’ll tell Mommy that you made her wear a dick so you could touch her.  You know she’ll believe cute little schoolgirl Amy, right Daddy? And as she bends you over to fuck that ass of yours, Amy asks who the Daddy is now, little bitch? She’s turned the tables on you and she knows you want to get fucked by a chick with a dick.  Bend over and feel her fill you up.  That’s a good boy, Daddy.  Take cock from your little Princess and get ready to cum for her as she fucks your faggoty little asshole.  That’s a good bitch, Daddy.  Who owns you? That’s right…Goddess Amy owns you and you’ll do whatever she tells you to.  This dirty fetish of yours will be our little secret as long as you do as you’re told.  Got it, Daddy? Now clean yourself up, get dressed and go buy me my new fucking phone 😉

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Clip Name: Blackmailing Daddy
Models In The Clip: Goddess Amy Wynters
Date Reviewed: September 8th, 2017
Where the clip is available: iWantClips
Cost of the clip: $5.99

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