Clip Review: Big O – Featuring Goddess Amalia


In her skintight black and red shiny corset and bra, with her blonde hair, sexy red lips and huge tits bursting out of her top, there’s nothing Goddess Amalia can’t make you do.  Through her sheer panties, you can make out the very outline of that pussy you dream of every night. 

It’s so easy for Amalia to draw you into her web of seduction.  Unable to resist, there you are on your knees imagining a huge orgasm in honor of your Goddess.  But Big O doesn’t refer to your inconsequential orgasm.  No slave, Goddess Amalia is looking for over achievers.  She wants her best year ever financially and you bitches are going to give more.  Give everything to help Goddess achieve her goals.  Be that perfect financial bitch.  She’s going to drain you deeper.  Her goals are tied to yours.  Whatever she wants, you’ll work harder to make it happen for her. And remember slave, if she’s not happy, she can ruin you in an instant.  You haven’t forgotten all that incriminating personal information she’s coaxed from you over the years, have you?

You’ve been warned.  Obey and tribute…and give more.  Buy clips, tribute without asking and send everything to Goddess Amalia.  She wants it all.  Watch her perfectly painted lips as she traces her tongue along them.  Surprise her with even more tributes.  Give more.  Sacrifice more.  Be good…be better.  Please your exquisitely beautiful Domme that both arouses and terrifies you.  She’s incredibly sensual and erotic.  Stare into her eyes and listen to her voice as you feel your dick throb and do what you were built to do…look at a beautiful woman and get even more stupid for her.  Her amazing huge tits and sexy lips will make you do anything, won’t they? Manipulating men like you comes so easily to a woman like Goddess Amalia.  You were built to be used by women like her. 

Tremble while your cock throbs.  You will obey and give her what she wants.  She won’t stop until you please her.  You’re vulnerable and exposed…your life balance hinging on the whim of a wickedly beautiful woman.  Consider tributing her an insurance policy against her ruining you.  Keep spoiling and your secrets stay safe with Goddess Amalia.  This year will be an amazing year for her and that means you get to keep stroking and your life stays intact.  You’ve been warned.  Your success is tied to hers.  The better you do by her, the better your year will be.  Good boy!

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Clip Name: Big O
Models In The Clip: Goddess Amalia Money
Date Reviewed: February 11th, 2017
Where the clip is available: iWantClips
Cost of the clip: $8.99

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