Clip Review: Be Mine – Featuring Raquel Roper


“Be Mine” And with those softly spoken words as she lays back seductively in her shiny metallic red bikini, gorgeous Raquel Roper tells you what she desires.  Give in to your deepest temptations and let her own you.  Watch as she hypnotically teases and seduces you with that collar she holds.  Bringing it to her painted lips, she traces the tip of her tongue along it making you as weak as you have ever felt.  She knows you need to be owned and guided.  So take her collar and begin your training.  Give everything to the perfect seductress as she teasingly slides her hands up and down her perfect body.  She wants your love, your devotion and above all, she wants you to serve.  How could any man refuse such a tempting offer.  But know that once you serve, there is no going back.  Raquel will take you and become your all-consuming Goddess.
Listen closely as beautiful Raquel explains what it means to wear her collar.  Do not take lightly the commitment you are making.  You will become her servant.  When her collar clasps onto your neck, it is just the beginning of serving and worshiping your magnificent Goddess Raquel.  You will be hers.  Your heart, your life, your body…everything will belong to her.  She doesn’t collar just any submissive.  Only those that prove their worthiness will be granted permission to wear her collar.  Will you devote yourself to her, and only her.  She is promising you an eternity of belonging to her with her collar.  And you? You are promising to spend your days worshiping and adoring your Goddess.  Let her lead you deeply into submission.  Feel the collar around your neck as the click of the snaps signifies your surrender.  You will love Goddess Raquel as you serve her wishes.  You will worship her, praise her and obey her every command.  She will challenge, break and destroy you before remolding you into the perfect servant.  Are you ready to begin your journey? Will you be a good boy and become one of Goddess Raquel Roper’s prized pets? This is the chance to get everything you have always wanted, but have been too afraid to embrace.  Fulfill your purpose in this world as you wear the collar of the most desirable woman you have ever knelt before.  Give all of yourself to her.  Devote yourself and prove that you wish to serve.  Goddess Raquel’s happiness will become yours and your life will become hers.  Are you ready?

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Clip Name: Be Mine
Models In The Clip: Miss Raquel Roper
Date Reviewed: August 26th, 2017
Where the clip is available: iWantClips
Cost of the clip: $8.99

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