Daily Fix: November 22nd 2023 – Featured CBT Fantasy Clips

by Celebrity Slave
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Today we are featuring some of the amazing CBT Fantasy Clips. Our featured CBT Fantasy Clips are designed to transport you to a realm of intimate and extraordinary experiences.

Mistress Courtney – Wonderful CBT Clip

Cock on a bench – what shall Mistress Courtney do with it? Its ready to be played with, ready to be used and tormented. Her new bench is the perfect cock tormenting platform. Lets start with the cane because Mistress Courtney love the swish of it and She know it makes Her slave suffer. Now She wonder if Her whip will work? Ofcourse it does and She LOVE IT!! It makes the perfect bruises…. you know how much She love bruises. he cannot escape as the implement swishes through the air making his cock ACHE! 

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Lady Perse – Must buy clip if you love ballbusting and CBT

Today I decided to get some fun punishing this slave. He had to lay down on the sofa and I punished his balls! I kicked them and slapped them! I also used riding crop for that! I love ballbusting and CBT! Of course he had to thank me and kiss my boots after all as good slaves do!

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Lady Bellatrix – CBT is the best way to train him

I’m a busy woman and I told him he needed to find someone to bust his balls every day in My absence. But he didn’t so I’m going to have to discipline him the only way he deserves! The last time I saw him, his balls were twice the size they are now. So now that we’re together again, we will have a little reunion. His balls and My feet! I start by digging My sharp nails into his nutsack before giving them a twist. But I’m still feeling annoyed so I start kneeing him in the groin repeatedly to take out My frustration on him. I’m not satisfied that he’s getting the message so I deal many swift kicks to the balls.

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Goddess Kyaa

With my sissy tied to a chair, hands behind her back and knees spread apart, she is completely exposed and helpless to stop my sadistic games. I start with an electric prod and then begin taking more toys to her sensitive nipples and sissy balls. All she can do is whimper as I hurt her more and more! Watch the sadistic glint in my beautiful blue eyes as I inflict pain upon my eager to please sissy slave. I look so sexy and powerful as I torment my bitch!

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Goddess Seira

My slave’s cock has been meticulously trained to be fucked by cruel urethral sounds. With a flick of My wrist, it’s ready to take the thickest of sounds. But before I begin, I sensually tease his cock with My hands, letting him know exactly which sounds I’m going to use to fuck him.

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