Clip Review: 2 Army Brats Train You – Featuring Goddess Kayla Jane & Miss Melodie Gore

by Michael Smith
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2 Army Brats Train You

You’ve been recruited into the army…no…not the kind of army you might think, but instead you are to serve as a devoted boot licking slut for two perfect Dommes, Goddess Kayla Jane and Miss Melodie Gore.  Fall to your knees recruit! Crawl before these two visions of perfection in their black leather boots and do exactly as you are told.  Clean those boots with your tongue and thank your Bratty Goddesses for the privilege of being their boot licking little slut. 
If you’re a good recruit, and clean their boots perfectly, you’ll be rewarded with the privilege of gazing upon their perfect asses as you suck the heels of their boots one by one.  This is your new existence recruit.  Are you up for the challenge of being in this army run by perfect Bratty Dommes? You’d better measure up or you’ll feel the sting of Goddess Kayla’s riding crop across that pathetic little ass of yours, got it? Now on your knees soldier.  You have some boots to clean!

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Clip Name: 2 Army Brats Train You
Date Reviewed: October 3rd,2015
Where the clip is available: Kinkbomb
Cost of the clip: $19.99

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