Clip Review: Weak For My Bikini Booty – Featuring Princess Ashley

by Michael Smith
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You never had a chance.  From the first moment you laid eyes on Princess Ashley’s magnificent bikini-clad ass, you lost all control.  You dream of those perfect curves swaying in front of you and you can’t resist.  You visit Princess Ashley’s wishlist and buy her more bikinis, spend more to please her, and lose yourself in that amazing ass.  She knows your ultimate weakness and exploits it mercilessly.  Tonight, while she’s out enjoying a lifestyle befitting of the perfect bratty Princess, you’ll be staying home, humping your hand as you stare at what you can never have. 
Just look at how smooth her skin is and how perfect the curves of her ass cheeks are.  Can you feel the precum leaking already? She’s perfection in her bikini and nothing could ever arouse you more than Princess Ashley does.  Be a good boy and stroke for Princess.  Spoil her with gifts, tributes and your unlimited devotion.  She wants, and deserves, everything she wishes for.  Beauty like this is so rare, so addictive, and so overpowering that you simply cannot resist.  That’s a good boy…go spend everything for Princess Ashley’s perfect ass and show her just how addicted you are to being her little ass puppet. 

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Clip Name: Weak For My Bikini Booty
Models In The Clip: Princess Ashley
Date Reviewed: February 13th,2016
Where the clip is available: iWantClips
Cost of the clip: $5.99
Ash3 Ash4

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