Daily Fix: May 9th 2024 – Featured Food Fetish Clips

by Celebrity Slave
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Miss Feet Wonders

Put your headphones on and listen to Miss Feet Wonders giving you a JOI and teasing you… Bow down to the perfection of Miss Feet Wonders.

You can buy this amazing clip on the video store of Miss Feet Wonders.

Goddess Nova

Who knew a clip of me eating buffalo cauliflower after a workout would make you SO weak? We both did, that’s why you’re here jerking off to this.

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Mistress Gaia

Today I’m giving my slave a little treat. I have him on a diet to help him get rid of all his flabby fat. So he’s going to enjoy being fed with some fruit. I’m also going to enjoy making him suffer during his meal. To begin he will kiss and lick my beautiful shoes and feet. Then I chew some fruit and spit it into his bowl, and using my feet as his spoon he has to lick his food from my feet. I also light up a cigarette to add to my relaxation, my slave also comes in handy as my human ashtray. I drink some water during his meal and it’s made me need to pee. So I decide to pee in his bowl, and drop my cigarette in it. It makes a nice cocktail for my flabby bitch to enjoy as I get him to drink from his Amber Nectar Salad Bowl…

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Miss Antonella

After a crush food, Mistress Antonella orders her slave to eat all the crush food on the floor and to lick her feet of Goddess. In addition, Mistress Antonella spit on the food to make a tastier meal dinner.

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Goddess Danielle Maye

Food Play And Masturbation Fresh double cream, extra cold and some big strawberries to get very very messy and naughty with. I rub cold cream all over my tits and pussy whilst I suck off the strawberries till I explode in orgasm.

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