Princess Meggerz – Pay To Obey

by Michael Smith
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Princess Meggerz in sexy swimming suits

Gorgeous Princess Meggerz is a top Domme in the game of mind fucking. She’s been breaking men and destroying Her fair share of wallets for over 10 years. She’s utterly ruthless, takes what She wants and is not for the faint of heart.

This week’s iWantClips Feature Domme is the ultimate puppet master. Your complete fantasy yet your ultimate destruction. Humiliating and manipulating you turns Her on. In fact, Princess Meggerz hopes She is scaring you, because if you can’t handle what She has in store for you, She doesn’t want you.

Princess Meggerz

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Must Buy Clips From Princess Meggerz:

Weak and Eager

Titty Titty Trance Tease

Complete Control

Things to know about Princess Meggerz:

  • They’re real…and they are spectacular! Blessed with perhaps the greatest pair of natural tits on the planet, Princess knows how weak we get for her sensational cleavage as she teases us into ruin with her flawless breasts!
  • She is a Humiliatrix and Mindfucker supreme and has been featured in Playboy and many other publications outlining her ability to turn weakness in men into financial gain in ways that are almost incomprehensible.
  • She is a fan of anything that involves mental domination. Climbing into our minds and twisting us up around our deepest fantasies and triggers is what truly amuses Princess Meggerz.

Links to Princess Meggerz’s Femdom World:



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Princess Meggerz shiny pink bikini
Princess Meggerz pink bikini chastity keys
Princess Meggerz barefeet and pink lips

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