Daily Fix: May 22nd 2024 – Featured Thong Fetish Clips

by Celebrity Slave
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Miss Feet Wonders

Wearing lacy thongs of Miss Feet Wonders which gives you a “glimpse”, Miss Feet Wonders tease you with Her slippers, giving you a sensual JOI, spit on Her soles..

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Goddess Bratty Bunny

Worship this tiny little fabric that rubs against my pussy and asshole. Think how much you want to be this thong so badly. Just imagine being sandwiches between my ass cheeks all day long inhaling my sweet scent. Breathe it in deeply and worship this sexy little thong. How much do you crave to be right here?

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Goddess Crystal Knight

How many pairs of panties do you think I own? How many pairs do you think I’ve sold? Both of those answers would absolutely astound you, but today isn’t about today. Today I’m going to tease you as I try on different pairs of panties and show them off while you’re jerking. I tease you about which pair you wish you had in your possession and talk about what you’d love to do to my panties once they were yours. Can you imagine breathing in the divine scents of my body. Fantasize about jerking off with my panties and putting them in your mouth as I try on another pair. Dive into this delicious try on haul as I show you how much of a panty addict you always will be.

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Princess Cherry

Have you ever thought about just how lucky My thong is. Resting up against My juicy pussy… squeezed in between these pillow ass cheeks.. All the Prrincess aromas, I’m sure when you really think about, you’ll grow envious of My thong. IT’s really so lucky, unlike you. It’s really your idol loser lol. You dream of being My thong!

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Goddess Gracie Haze

It’s simple training you into cumming way too quick especially when I’ve implement such deep triggers. The way they take hold on your mind and your cock leaves you with no control. You’ll try to hold on but My thong straps and huge ass are too sexy. It’s impossible to resist the temptation of blowing as each snap triggers you deeper. Staring at My perfect ass you know you just can’t hold on. I am going to train you into being the minute man you truly are!

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