Daily Fix: May 23rd 2024 – Featured Foot Play Fetish Clips

by Celebrity Slave
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Goddess Jessica

You love watching Goddess Jessica peel a pair of thick, fat socks off of Her feet. You love thinking about how moist they are. Jerk to the pretty soles of Goddess Jessica and Her toes wiggling in your face. Jerk to the fantasy of Her socks stuffed down your throat. You know, you LOOK like someone who jerks off to socks!

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Princess Ashley Jay

Ashley is not at all surprised to find you in her bedroom once again, worshipping and enjoying her extensive heel collection. She knows what a foot freak you are, obsessed and always ready to clean her perfect stilettos She gets you down on the floor, in your place, ready to lick her slingback heels and in between each one of her perfect toes. Your mouth is for her pleasure, and for polishing her perfect pretty feet and heels, don’t ever forget that you loser cunt.

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Goddess Diane Chrystall

Do you like girls in high heels? Well I want to show you these beautiful high heels with platform! What do you think about them? I’m walking in them for you. Teasing you! I’m showing my sexy long legs and feet. I’m wearing an extra shiny pantyhose. You need to see this! Watch this video now!

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Goddess Macy Nikole

I know you just love it when I lie down in front of you and put my feet up behind me in ‘the pose’ don’t you? Well I just love how it drives you wild. Today I want you to jerk yourself off as I stick my perfect soft size 7 soles up behind me and tell you exactly how I want you to touch yourself. You and me are going to have some very special fun today, and if you’re good then I’ll let you see my Goddess soles up close as well..

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Goddess Ava Austen

My submissive is such a good boy. He brings me grapes on his knees, to feed me. He starts to delicately put them in y mouth and I start to chew them and spit them out. He catches a couple in his mouth before I start encouraging him to eat them from the floor. Dropping whole grapes and crushing them under my beautiful feet, they pop, squish and burst and he gobbles them up and licks every drop of juice and skin from my perfect soles…

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