Empress Eydra – Professional Brat & E-Bully

by Michael Smith
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Femdom Videos: Domme’s Choice reveals “must buy” clips as directed by the Feature Domme herself.  Click the link, buy the clips, and embrace the surrender. Empress Eydra says…so obey like a good boy!

Empress Eydra purple wall white lace dress

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Think Less, Stroke More

slaveboysmith: So much of domination focuses on the physical, but in this clip you bring clarity to the idea of mindfucking a slave until he becomes a total gooning simp for you. How does it feel to know the effects of your clips and the power you hold over others even at such a distance, Empress Eydra?

Empress Eydra: It feels very exhilarating and exciting for me. I love mindfucking my slaves. The thrill that comes with knowing that while I am going about my day, there’s a slave completely drunk on my words and completely under my control is such a mental thrill!! I can never get enough of it.

Only E- Sex for Losers

sbs: Not that those who serve you have much of a “normal” sex life to miss out upon, yet you completely take over and enforce restrictions on if, how and when, they can stroke. And of course, they must pay for permission. Have you become used to the control you exert over men’s cocks so easily or is there still a thrill in knowing that you control their most primitive biological desire all while profiting from said control?

EE: Although I can say I have become more used to it in the sense that it’s no longer surprising to me, I do get excited when a new sub submits and gives into my temptation. Watching the numbers and my power grow is such a turn on. It’s like, yeah what can’t I do!?? It just confirms what I have always known, that I was born to control and rule over the desires of men world over, easily ensnaring them in a prison of their lust, never to break free.

Electrifying Moans

sbs: This one is sure to break even the hardiest of cuckold fetishists, Empress Eydra! How would you describe the impact on the viewer as they realize quickly that in order to truly please you physically and to hear those delicious moans, they must empty that wallet and give everything to Empress?

EE: There’s a saying that you fall harder for the things you can’t have and my siren moans are very addictive!! Just like the sailors, there’s nobody that can resist the call of my moans. Not a simp or cuck. Soon they realize that total financial annihilation is nothing but fair exchange in order to bask in my sweet sensual sounds. It’s very much a blissfully sweet and addictive torture.


sbs: I’m sure many men fall under your spell and then fall in love, Empress Eydra. Is there a noticeable difference when that D/s relationship evolves to a point of love and a submissive becomes completely and totally willing to sacrifice anything for his Empress? And is it only men who fall under your spell, or do you also have female submissives who adore and worship you?

EE: YES to both. There is always a noticeable difference from before and after as they transform from just submissives to completely in love with me. It’s not always glaring at first, but I always enjoy the shift when a sub realizes and gives into their one-sided, unrequited love for me.

I think it’s sweet seeing the shift from just a submissive enjoying my clips to falling in love and dedicating their every action to my pleasure. At that point, they become so attuned to me and realize that serving selflessly and contributing to my happiness is their real pleasure. I have had female subs worship me. I am quite biased towards my Femsubs, and I want to collect even more.

Apex Predator

sbs: As we kneel before you, looking up at your perfect Ebony curves and striking beauty, it’s easy to imagine the weakness we might experience to in the presence of such a powerful predator. And like any predator, I’m sure you sense weakness in any you encounter. Have you ever noticed men or other women in your every day life who clearly are showing signs of submission and weakness simply because you are near? How does it feel to yield such power and control?

EE: I have met some people naturally that have wanted to submit to me and have been approached while I am enjoying very vanilla activities. No matter how many times it happens, I still cant get over it lol. It feels amazing knowing that by just existing I naturally draw people that want to serve and please me. Holding this much power makes me feel very sexy and ethereal.

Empress Eydra red lingerie middle finger
Empress Eydra black lace gloves red lips
Empress Eydra shiny black with red stockings

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