Daily Fix: May 19th 2024 – Featured Interrogation Fantasy Fetish Clips

by Celebrity Slave
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Miss Raquel Roper

“You wake up hogtied and completely naked in an undisclosed location. Miss Raquel Roper slowly walk in the room wearing a fully clad leather outfit and start introducing Her to you. She is an agent that’s been hired to get the Crypto password from your 250 million dollar account. Miss Raquel Roper tells you that we can either do this the easier way or the hard way. You tell Her to fuck off, you have no idea what She is talking about. Miss Raquel Roper laugh it off and tell you to have it Her way.

You can buy this amazing clip on the video store of Miss Raquel Roper.

Princess Aurora

You haven’t been feeling too good so you booked in to see the nurse, you couldn’t get a quick spot with your usual hospital so you have had to try somewhere new, you arrive and feel a little confused by the building but you have no choice to go in. To your surprise you got upgraded to see a Doctor instead! How lucky! And even better she’s a hot female Doctor. You are told to sit and the consultation will begin. The questions get very uncomfortable, you really want to leave, but you can’t. By the time you realise what’s going on… it’s far too late!!

Download this clip on the video store of Princess Aurora.

Miss Untamed

Intruding on forbidden grounds gets you caught. Especially when Special Agent Andrea finds you. You wake to a gas that you have been inhaling for some time. Feeling a bit delusional you finally come to. Standing before you is a shiny rubber Special Agent explaining to you what has happened. You are now a detainee. You are being enslaved. In Special Agent Andrea’s possession, you will endure what she gives. What you will experience will not be comfortable. Unless you give up the info she seeks. She knows you have no desire to do so easily so she begins unleashing the pain. A few harsh implements to break your flesh perhaps will make you speak. The sting of her whip as it welts your skin. The swishing sound of her cane is terrifying but not as frightening as the slashes it leaves on your meat. There is always the absence of air. Yes…that precious air that you breathe that keeps you alive. Imagine having it diminish from her rubber-gloved hand or possibly her rubber ass. So many choices….so little time but the time is now to see what she can do with you and only the sound of your heartbeat will guide you along the way…

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Goddess Vivienne L’Amour

The prisoner is witholding knowledge. As payment he must have his cock milked and teased. Of course if he doesn’t tell us what we need to know then he will be left in denial.

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Goddess Taura

You’ve been busted mid-scene. You’re not going to jail but you are coming with me. I have better use for you than throwing you into the system to sew parachutes. You’re my in. You’re going to navigate the dirtiest kink scenes with me, undercover of course. As my bottom bitch in this operation, you’ll be made to suck and fuck whoever I have my eye on. You’re comfortable with a lot of sick sht, as seen per your bust this morning. I have all the right tools to help you get ready for this, but you’ll be sure to make yourself loyal to me first.

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