Daily Fix: May 26th 2024 – Featured Nerdy Girls Fetish Clips

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Princess Ellie Idol

You think because Princess Ellie Idol is a geek girl and you’re a geek guy you actually have a shot? You think She like smart gamer guys? It’s true, Princess Ellie Idol actually do. The catch is that they need to take care of their appearance and they need to be socially adept. You don’t fit the bill, sorry! You’re not cool OR hot. It’s sad that you can’t even land a GEEK girl.

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Mistress Victoria

A nerdy girl who is daily bullied at school by the cheerleaders and football team decides to create a formula using her genius intellect. She goes to school with it and when she is bullied by two football players she ingests the formula in front of them. She laughs an snorts saying now they will pay but they continue to laugh at her and tease her. she gets upset and then feels a sharp pain in her stomach that makes her cry out and cover her mouth as she doubles over. She uncovers her mouth and finds that her mouth now has lipstick as the two bullies stopped laughing and point it out to her. She laughs but now with a sultry tone and sexily says “its working” the bullies get nervous as she narrates her slow transformation as it happens first her flats turn to heels and she at first stumbles but then is able to walk sexily in them as she notices her nerdy socks become stockings showing off her now sensual legs. She mentions how her butt looks great in the skirt that has become a mini skirt finally she talks about how her cleavage is magnificent in the top that changes lastly now looking like a sexy schoolgirl as she takes her hair out of its bun she teases the boys and tells them now they belong to her that she its ten times hotter than the head cheerleader and that they are going to do whatever she tells them to do like help her tease the other popular girls and make sure she’s the new popular girl. She tells them to pull their members out and to jerk it to her new sexy body, all while describing all the servitude they will do for her as the new hottest girl in school. She moans in pleasure as she feels so powerful. She teases them with her sexy legs sitting and crossing them and touching them. She laughs as they both climax and tells them the best part is that they will never ever have her.

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Lady Valencia

There’s just something hot about a nerdy Chick. They are smart and sexy. Who better to learn from? Learn how to stroke correctly and make sure not to cum too soon. you don’t want to disappoint Me, do you?

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Domina Elara

Your hot gamer girlfriend wants you buy her all the things to make her gaming experience just top notch! You know you can’t resist her pretty smile, that seriously sexy underboob in her tiny little t-shirt and her high expectations of you! She needs the perfect items to start her gaming streaming set up and YOU are obviously paying for it! She’s so demanding and so sexy! So watch, she’s going to tell you exactly what she needs and wants and you are going to keep paying for every single item! Make her smile and SEND!

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Princess Kimber Lee

I drive you crazy in my cute pigtails, glasses, choker and pink jewel buttplug! You just can’t get enough of this hot nerdy slut. Her natural tits and tight ass push you over the edge. Who knew slutty girls could get so freaky? And the buttplug was almost too much for you! But she gets to cum first with her hardcore vibartor.

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