Femdom Videos: Domme’s Choice – Miss Nova

by Michael Smith
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mistress nova

Spotlight: Ladies Choice reveals three “must buy” clips as directed by the Feature Domme herself.  Follow the links, buy the clips, and embrace the surrender.  Goddess Nova Femdom says…now obey like a good boy!

Castration Cult Leader

You see me in my little schoolgirl skirt and top and those hot black leather boots, and you can’t imagine the kind of darkness that exists within me. How could someone so pretty be so evil, right? Prepare to have your mind blown then, because the things that make me wet can get pretty fucked up, and aren’t for the squeamish. With only rare exceptions, men’s cocks and balls are of absolutely no use to me. In fact, unless you’re exceptional and I choose to have you pleasure me (not you loser!), men are better off having their cock and balls chopped off and served to them. Do you still think I’m a cute little girl, or are you starting to feel just how dangerous I am behind that pretty smile? Those who follow me already know how persuasive I can be, so be careful of what I might talk you into craving. Are you ready to join my cult of eunuchs and make the ultimate sacrifice for me?

A Test Of Your Devotion

There’s no vaccine, no immunity, and certainly no cure. Once I infect your mind, there’s no running away, no turning back. Sounds exciting, doesn’t it? One glimpse of my pretty red lips and matching lingerie on my perfect little body and you’ll do anything I say. If I want to tease and deny you endlessly, you’ll remain chaste. And if, like today, I want you to jerk like a little zombie for Miss Nova and show your total devotion and absolute weakness, well…you’ll do that too. Hear my voice echoing in your head and feel my power. Serving me is the ultimate privilege and you’ll do anything to put a smile on my pretty face, won’t you bitchboy?

Mommy’s Cock Slut

So many men claiming to be “straight” and denying who they really are. I know the signs. I can see right through your endless claims that cock doesn’t excite you. It’s okay to get hard when you think about a big, thick dick. Mommy will show you exactly what to do with it, exactly how to make it feel SOOOO good. I want you to be perfect. The perfect little cocksucker for me. Don’t deny what you desire…embrace it. A real man watching my mouth work that dildo would be throbbing to feel it for themselves. You? You’re paying close attention to my technique and aching to try it on some of your dude friends. I’ve probably known about your desire for dick longer than you even have. Now be a good boy for Mommy and swallow that cock all the way down your throat. Such a good bitch!

mistress nova
mistress nova
miss nova femdom
miss nova femdom

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