Findom Sonia – Spanish Seductress

by Michael Smith
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Femdom Videos: Domme’s Choice reveals “must buy” clips as directed by the Feature Domme herself.  Click the link, buy the clips, and embrace the surrender. Findom Sonia says…so obey like a good boy!

Findom Sonia red suspenders middle finger

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Cum Control – The Ultimate beta JOI Game

slaveboysmith: In this erotic and magnificent clip, you take absolute control of every cock of every slave watching it. How does it feel to tell men worldwide if, when and how they may stroke for you, Goddess Sonia? Is it a thrill for you still, or are you just so used to it that it’s become routine now?

Findom Sonia: Yes, this video is magnificent. The most perfect video ever for a loser! They must understand that I have control over everything, especially their cocks. I’m feeling so powerful, and in fact, I am so powerful. All men must watch this video and follow my instructions!

Slut Academy

sbs: This clip could easily have been named “Sensory Overload” with the incredible visuals of your perfect body and striking beauty, Goddess Sonia! But we quickly realize that your perfect curves aren’t the ones that Goddess wishes her boys to be obsessing over, now are they? Can any man be persuaded to first stroke for gay porn and then become cock hungry sluts for Goddess? And what is it about having a man embrace their inner cock slut that so pleases you as a Dominatrix?

FS: I love this video so much!! It’s a masterpiece, and every fragment of this video is special. During this video, I force you to accept what you are and what you must do. Of course every man deserves to be persuaded, even forced to stroke while watching gay porn. If I demand it, they will do! There is no option! I’m able to turn any man into becoming a fucking slut very easily.

Blackmailing a Stupid beta

sbs: Hate you, Goddess Sonia? How could we weak men ever hate someone as beautiful as you? Fear you, perhaps. Especially if we’ve provided you with everything you need to ruin us in our weakened moments. And once you have us compromised so easily, what might a submissive be required to do for his Goddess to ensure his most revealing and private details remain just between you and him?

FS: Yes, I know some time subs hate me because they feel like they are trapped, with no way out. They know they are in a rabbit hole and I will never let them out. But on the other hand, they love me so much! They can’t live without me, without my videos and they need to feel how evil I can be! It is paradoxical and contradictory, but you know a beautiful and smart Goddess like me always wins!

Dangerous, Fall Deeper Into Addiction

sbs: While you obviously have some completely addicted pump drones who do anything and everything you desire without hesitation, you are also likely to have some submissives who buy your clips and follow you more passively. How do you know when we cross that line from casual submissive into a full-blown addicted simp who is yours forever?

FS: Men are so predictable, and it’s so easy to know when he is becoming a gooner. Even easier is to encourage him to be one of my more obsessed subs! When a sub is obsessed with me he will try to impress me and it’s in that moment that I attack his weaknesses. Funny right? I enjoy playing with male minds! I’m a fucking expert in manipulation and mind melting. Are you brave enough to check it out?

INCEL, Your New Opportunity

sbs: This clip is heavy on the humiliation as you tell the viewer just how pathetic they are and how they have no chance to be with a woman for real. What is it about humiliating incels like you are in this clip, or any other type of humiliation that you so enjoy, Goddess Sonia? And when you watch your clips do you ever worry you may have gone too far in degrading a man, or is that all just part of the fun for you as a Domme?

FS: Does an incel deserve mercy? Of course not! I’m always sincere, and if my sincerity hurt you…I don’t care! I will never tell you what you want to hear. From me, you will only get the truth, no matter how humiliating and degrading it is. I enjoy being cruel. I know I’m a bitch without compassion and of course I love it! There will be no remorse and I don’t feel bad for being cruel and humiliating these fucking idiots. That is the most fun part .😁 

Findom Sonia red ball gag and boots
Findom Sonia black tape pasties and fishnets
Findom Sonia red and white nails

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