Daily Fix: June 17th 2024 – Featured Stomping Fetish Clips

by Celebrity Slave
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Goddess Jasmine Mendez

To be considered a truly dedicated piggy, one must prove oneself to Goddess Jasmine Mendez in all aspects.”. Only those who are truly submissive may serve Her closely… A Piggy must be willing to do anything for Her, no matter how painful. LOL, Goddess Jasmine Mendez promise Her soles will take great care of you, no worries. PS: She find pleasure in leaving Her footprints on your back and hearing your stifled screams of agony.

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Miss Mae Ling

What a tiny pathetic dick. Miss Mae Ling is repulsed by this small useless dribbling cock that she stomps on it in her Doc Martens. She canes it, hits it and stomps on it until it’s so bruised over that it welts and makes it curved, the other way.

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Mistress Madalynn Raye

All of these lovely wrapped boxes, all of these sexy boots. What’s a girl to do but to destroy each box while wearing these boots! Lets start with the Rubber wellies and use my weight to crush the cardboard and tear the paper with the soles of the boots! I do this with a pair of white PVC knee high pair of boots, and then with a black leather knee high pair of boots, using the heel to rip paper, the ball of the shoe to collapsed and crunch, this was the perfect way to demonstrate how sexy and powerful I am in boots!

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Goddess Seira

I enjoy voice messaging with My friend while having My slave beneath My feet. I use My feet to rub and gently stomp his balls, capturing pictures and videos to prove to My friend that I truly have a slave. As I increase the intensity of stomping, his moans of cruel pain are recorded in the message. Once I finish messaging with My friend, I become even more ruthless in stomping his balls, ignoring his screams of pain. he must endure all the pain I inflict upon him until I am ready to go out with My friend.

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Lady Toro

You show up to your first session with a giantess. Towering over you is the beautiful Lady Toro. She questions you on why a tiny man like you would want to stand before a Goddess, and you let her in on your dark fetish. You have a desire to be stepped and stomped on like bug. She warns you about the weight of her body, but you insist you’ve always wanted this and you don’t care about the consequences. She teases you with the bottoms of her feet as she stares down at your tiny body. She slowly presses her foot against you, rendering you unable to speak. She laughs at your flattened body. At this point, I think it’s clear what she wants your fate to be…

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