Goddess Stephh – Surrender to Stephhism

by Michael Smith
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Static banner of Goddess Stephh headshot and $100 dollar bills flying around "Goddess Stephh" written name.

From her beautiful blonde locks and that sexy Southern drawl, to the tips of those perfectly delectable toes, Goddess Stephh is built to seduce and ruin men with ease. This week’s iWantClips Feature Domme is known as footbaddie, but she’s so much more than just an irresistible and sexy pair of feet.

Are you ready for the ride of your life with a strikingly beautiful blonde Temptress pulling all your strings? Welcome to Stephhism, little pet!

Goddess Stephh sitting nude on a bed in black Victoria's Secret panties only black stickers in the shape of a heart cover her nipples and she holds a fan from $100 bills.

Visit her iWantClips store to binge on her amazing array of clips!

Must Buy Clips From Goddess Stephh:

Snap & Send Game

Shiny Gooner

Be Our Cuck

Things to know about Goddess Stephh:

  • Goddess Stephh is the creator and coordinator for The Cash Coven Discord server. If you’ve not already visited, Cash Coven provides a kink safe space that Goddess is very proud of. Join her and some of her sexy friends to explore all things fetish and Femdom, but be sure to bring that wallet!
  • After almost 10 years as a Domme, Goddess has accomplished and achieved a number of amazing goals. One particular milestone was reached after 844 days in chastity by one of Goddess’ favourite chastity pets. Are you ready to take your chance and hand over your key to such an accomplished keyholder?
  • Born and raised, Goddess is a practicing Wiccan in her personal life. Want to know more? Offer yourself to Goddess and find out everything you need to know about serving this beautiful Wiccan Goddess.

Links to Goddess Stephh’s Femdom World:



WishTender Wishlist

Other Links to Goddess Stephh

Goddess Stephh in a pink bikini sitting on a bed stretched ahead feet with a purple pedicure in black platform flip-flops.
Goddess Stephh stands on her knees on a chair in a black bra and short black leather skirt with her feet up to demonstrate black heels boots.
Goddess Stephh in pink bikini bra showcasing underboob and tattoo in the shape of butterfly between the boobs.

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