Daily Fix: June 8th 2024 – Featured POV Fighting Fetish Clips

by Celebrity Slave
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Goddess Jessica

You slowly regain consciousness and the first thing you see and hear is Goddess Jessica sitting on your chest with Her hair down, laughing at you beneath Her. She begin to tell you about the wrestling match you challenged Her to and how She dominated and rag-dolled you the entire time. She depict how She embarrassed you by dominating you in our fight and make you repeatedly admit who the true winner was along with you worshiping and surrendering to Her supremacy and dominion over you. Still happy about how Goddess Jessica completely humiliated you, She slowly get up and begin dancing seductively above you, telling you not to move and to enjoy. Her heavenly and irresistible body seduces you with even the slightest movement and after a couple of minutes She slowly lean over and ask “How does it feel to be Her little pet and to be inferior to Her even in manly things?”

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Goddess Harley LaVey

While you have been ordered to kneel down and stare at the floor I catch a glimpse of you drooling over my amazing ass. You had very clear orders to stare at the floor, and only the floor! Do you really think that you are good enough to experience my magnificent ass from such an amazing angle? Do you truly believe that you are worthy of such a pleasure?

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Lady Sara Borgia

There you are, such a pathetic loser boy perving over My hot sexy shoes. Go on get closer look at them, kiss them, worship them you are helpless for My shoes. But I know you. You want to worship My sexy bare feet. Go on then give them a good worship. Watch this pov and be My pathetic loser foot bitch. Good boy.

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Mistress Youko

Mistress Youko, clad in a sports bra and leggings, relentlessly and gleefuly wails on your face with her black boxing gloved fists. Your only respite is verbal humiliation while she prepares herself for another barrage of punches. When the barrage of blows stops, she stamps on your face a while with her bare feet before the humilation and punches begin again.

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Miss Mae Ling

You went on a date with Miss Mae Ling’s friend and wanted her to swallow after a blow job. Miss Mae Ling confronts you about how gross it is and no woman should ever swallow cum, especially from a weak beta male like you. She kicks your ass and puts you into place, the stakes: if you win, you get to fuck her, you lose and she makes you into her bitch and you eat your own cum. POV fight, she wins and you must taste your own medicine, she flips your legs over your face and makes you cum into your mouth.

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