Daily Fix: June 9th 2024 – Featured Outdoor Private Location Play Fetish Clips

by Celebrity Slave
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Mistress Stella Liberty

Mistress Stella Liberty loves to break in new subs on the homestead so today She takes a little bitch outside for some training. She puts him in a hogtie and leaves him in the dirt. Mistress Stella Liberty then finds a stick from the wood pile and performs bastinado on his soles until she is satisfied. This one will need to spend an extended time outdoors so that he learns to appreciate Her generosity by allowing him inside to clean Her house.

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Lady Mesmeratrix

Outdoor striptease is something that just the good boys deserve to watch! I am going to strip completely naked in the courtyard taking my bikini off piece by piece… summer is the right time of the year to get naked especially for how hot it gets in here! All good boys should buy this clip and enjoy this risky outdoor striptease.

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Lady Sara Borgia

Mistress positions her slave over the garden furniture. She circles in her pencil skirt and pussy bow blouse. Her cane is an extension of the arm as it cuts the air. Mistress strikes the first set of blows admiring the beautiful patterns left behind on her subs ass. On and on she thrashes out the blows while her subs cries out into the great outdoors…

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Mistress Gaia

I took a slave to the parking lot where I left my car. I want to smoke a cigarette, and obviously I use him as a human ashtray, I have no intention of dirtying the car. After finishing the cigarette I go away alone. An inferior person like my slave cannot get into my very luxurious car.

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Mistress Youko

Shiny black latex clad Mistress Youko uses her ass fucking slut on her car. She shoves her big fat cock in his pathetic asshole passionately. She doesn’t stop pounding the slut even when it gets dark outside. The sample video has pixelated but the purchase version has not pixelated.

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