Daily Fix: June 5th 2024 – Featured Thigh High Boots Fetish Clips

by Celebrity Slave
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Mistress Courtney

The Marked slave of Mistress Courtney has been very well behaved, you can see from the marks on his body that he has been a very good carpet for Mistress. What better way to reward him than a beautiful thigh high leather Casadei Bootjob. Her slave begins by worshipping Her soft divine boots, kissing the leather and sucking on the bladed heels. On his back She tease and edge his cock with the boots of Mistress Courtney until he can no longer hold back his orgasm. This naughty slave came without permission, only one thing to do when a slave cums without being permitted…. carry on.

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Princess Camryn

I know just how weak these PVC, thigh high boots make a slave like you. Give into your desire to worship these shiny boots. Every single inch as I show them off in various angles, allowing the light to reflect off of them. You don’t need anything else as you focus completely on my boots. On your knees, you look up and become weaker with each passing moment. You would be lucky to even lick the bottom of my boots, the proximity to a Goddess. In your weak state of mind, mesmerized by these shiny boots, there’s no telling what you’ll end up doing for me today: confessing your secrets, living out depraved fantasies, sending tributes…who knows… Desperate for my attention, to obey, for me to use and control you.

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Lady Mahogany

You love my long, shiny and sexy black boots. They look perfect on my slender chocolate legs. It’s no surprise that all the slaves beg for the opportunity to admire them. Would you like to be on this shoe freak place? I had him jerking inside my heavy leather boots and then humping the boots I was wearing. He cum as hard as never before right when I told him to. Did I made you jealous?

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Miss Tiffany James

Jerk your little penis for me. Your, VERY little penis. Go on, let me have look at what size we are talking…. Oh yes, that IS small. A penis that small definitely shouldn’t be played with. A penis that small should be teased…

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Mistress Victoria

I know what you have an addiction too. Shiny pretty clothing on a perfect Goddess like me. These black shiny leather thigh high boots. I’ve got you so stupid already, soon as you saw me sitting here like this looking at you, you knew it was all over. Staring at me in these boots, my shiny clothes, my pretty face and perfect curves. Everything about me makes you so weak, so horny and all you want to do is have permission to edge.

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