Daily Fix: June 4th 2024 – Featured Glasses Fetish Clips

by Celebrity Slave
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Princess Ellie Idol

Princess Ellie Idol wants to touch your cock. She loves having a dick in Her hand and with Her skills, you’re eager to let Her jerk you off! She’s even wearing glasses which is a total turn-on for you. The way She strokes you off is a technique She’s made Her own. It won’t take you long to cum with Her magic touch! And of course, Princess Ellie Idol wants a little taste.

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Mistress Ezada

You need eyeglasses, and you feel reluctant to wear them. Wearing My favourite pair of glasses, I tease you, and I will make you wear your glasses. If you have any doubts about why you should wear glasses every day, that is over now because I will surely make you obey. Because good boys are rewarded, I will even permit you to ejaculate at the end. I will seal this trigger in your mind. Are you ready to wear glasses with pleasure every day from now on?

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Goddess Ryder Rhiannon

Your girlfriend rhiannon wants to please you she doesn’t want anything in return its all about you she wants to she suck your cock and make you cum on her face / glasses. She talks dirty to you and worships your huge cock.

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Goddess Taura

Look into my eyes. You could never refuse my wishes. I will give you the opportunity to obey me every day if you can show me you are worth the time and attention? How might you do that? Your “cock” won’t do, it just wont. You know this already but I still enjoy spelling it out for you so it’s clear. We don’t want you having any false hopes. You remember how this feels after dating. Instead of dating and obeying the standard rules of being a male, I invite you to fork over your cash and worship me without the experience of cold rejection that has haunted you in your past. That’s in the past now, you’re living a simplified life with only 3 major priorities and all of them will feed your passion for Me.

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Lady Victoria Valente

Lady Victoria Valente: I put on my velvet heels and my glasses. Now I can see you well! Come play around with you, show me how awesome you can play around with yourself! You’re doing fine! I change my glasses and I notice that your cock is now even hotter and bigger! That is unbelievable! I continue to watch you. Then I change my glasses again! I change glasses four times and every time your cock gets bigger and I like your wanking even better! Finally I count to 5 and then you can finally cum!

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