Daily Fix: June 6th 2024 – Featured Mean Girls Fetish Clips

by Celebrity Slave
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Goddess Bratty Bunny

Goddess Bratty Bunny is a very mean girl and that turns you on. It makes you so horny when Goddess Bratty Bunny humiliate you, degrade you and even tell you how much She hate you. She have nothing nice to say about you and She bet any one else in your life does too. You are not special and no one likes you. Listen to Her verbally beat you down into nothing. You crave to hear Her voice humiliate you.

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Lady Nina

You’re about to be put right back in your place by your favourite mean girl. You’ve a huge crush on me and ultimately let me use you. Of course i then throw you away when done. But your stupid one braincell has started to believe that things are going well with us and I might actually like you Fuck, gross. Im certainly going to punish you for being such a delusional idiot! You’re here to be of use to me and be humiliated and that’s it, you clearly need a reminder of the brutal truth…

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Princess Ceara Lynch

You thought you hit the jackpot finding such a smoking hot roommate such as myself. Did you really think that just by living with you it’d only be a matter of time until we fucked? Please. I’m not blind. I’m a million miles out of your league. I will never fuck you. In fact, I have a date tonight with a real man; tall, muscular, & a huge cock. I plan on bringing him back here later so we can have loud passionate sex. You better get used to that because I do that a lot. Look at you, you’re so hot and bothered right now. I can tell this is turning you on. You want to be a part of my sex life so badly? The only way that will happen is if you’re my cuckold. I’ll take your credit card to pay for our date, then when we come home you’ll be sitting in the corner watching in frustration as I get ravished by a real man. The only time I’ll let you near my pussy is when you’re sucking his load out of it. Doesn’t that sound hot? Eventually I’ll have you get us started by fluffing my boyfriend before we fuck. I can just picture it now: you waiting so patiently on your knees with your tongue out ready to accept whatever I put into it. What a good boy. I’ll let you cum to that thought and then I’m locking your cock away before you come to your senses and change your mind. Oh yeah. Did I mention I’m not paying rent..?

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Princess Rea Rays

How depressing it must be to be born with such an ugly cock. I literally hate your dick, loser. Your cock is so sad and lonely that you can’t even imagine yourself having sex. Ew, why is your cock getting hard while I make fun of it? You want to be my slave so bad even though I hate you. I bet you wish you had a really big and thick dick to impress me with. Lol.

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Goddess Tierra

Its been way too long since I made a clip ripping your ego to shreds! Sometimes you fucking losers need a real beatdown, a reminder of how much of a fucking loser you are. No matter what anyone else tells you in life you can count on hot mean superior Women like Me to put you in your place with a few words and a middle finger! you are nothing but a pathetic drooling fucking loser, the biggest of them all. you arent a real man just a bitch groveling and paying for attention! This is the type of porn you love loser, definitely not a real man!

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