Daily Fix: May 14th 2024 – Featured Magic Fantasy Fetish Clips

by Celebrity Slave
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Goddess Bratty Bunny

Goddess Bratty Bunny put a spell on you. And now you’re Hers. You will look deeply into Her eyes and go down the Bunny hole. Her spell worked on you. You can’t look away. You can’t escape Goddess Bratty Bunny. You are here to be a good slave. To me mind fucked by Her further.

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Lady Mesmeratrix

I am the most powerful magician of mesmerize and I am here to help you awaking your true inner self. As you go down deeper under my control, following the pendant and relaxing with my echoing voice, you will get free of everything that is a burden in your life. Everything will be so different for you once you watch this clip and it’s something that you’ve always searched for. As the powerful magician of mesmerize, I will make sure to go more and more deep into my magical control until you reach your goal of new life.

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Goddess Kyaa

Listen to my enchanting voice and drool over my gorgeous body in witchy lingerie. Soon you will be under my spell, your body buzzing with pleasure and your heart filled with adoring love for me.

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Princess Camryn

You and I have such a sweet, pure, innocent relationship. I exist as a beautiful, powerful Goddess and you stroke and worship. So simple. I’ve trained you to associate your sexuiality with my pleasure, my commands. Your pleasure arrives when you please me. You’re so eager to give me everything I command. Despite your fear of how depraved this sexuality of yours has become, it really is so innocent. It may be dangerous and outside of society’s standards, but you are so excited by my pleasure. That is so pure. You want to provide me with a life of pleasure. You are a little worker, my soldier, and I am your Queen. Surrender to your desire to please me. Obey the snap of my fingers every single time.

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Queen Carmella

Have you ever experienced the true power of a woman that has supernatural capacities? A woman that can easily cast a spell to her benefit? A woman that can make you feel ways you’ve never felt before. I can do so with just this clip. We’ve never met, but it doesn’t make a difference. A goddess like me is extremely gifted, and I can get you right where I want you. Weak, reliant, obedient, mush. Unconditional love. You’re never going to quit. You’re going to fall in love and you won’t know whats coming over you. These strong senses. This strong pull towards me. You can’t bare it. You can’t ignore it. You can’t resist. All power belongs to me. after you bought this clip and looked me in my eyes, you’re mine. Enjoy!

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