Daily Fix: May 15th 2024 – Featured Dirty Feet Fetish Clips

by Celebrity Slave
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Mistress Dee

Mistress Dee have your favourite thing in the entire universe here & She is going to give you 10 minutes of pure unadulterated foot porn! Listen to Her moan in ecstasy while ordering you to lick clean Her dirty feet, like the pathetic little horny pig you are! She know just how much it turns you on to have your tongue in-between Her toes & up & down Her perfect arches! Follow the commands of Mistress Dee & lick them clean!

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Princess Ceara Lynch

Summer is here! Is there any better time of year for a foot boy? Pretty girls walking around in cute sandals, their feet freshly pedicured. Its enough to make you want to drop to your knees and kiss every toe in sight. Lucky for you I’ve been looking for a bitch to lick my sandals and bare feet after a hot day of walking around. I know that gets you so excited you donâ€TMt even care how dirty they are. So stick out your tongue and polish them good. I expect my foot boys to treat my feet right.

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Madame Sarka

Madame Sarka is still resting in Her comfortable boudoir chair after an exhausting day, whipping slave asses till they scream. Rested, She like to see a slave kneel in front of Her with a hard cock, so She can kick him in the balls, while fucking his mouth with Her sexy toes. As a slave, you should be happy that You can worship My toes. That may be sexy to you, but as a slave, you should worship and please a woman, support Her, love Her, be next to Her, and ALWAYS think of the best for her. When She is satisfied, you will be satisfied. Now be honey for Me, so I can slap that hard cock with My pretty red riding crop. Take My toe fucking you in your filthy mouth as if it was a big big cock deep throating you. No ejaculation for you, just teasing your dirty thoughts, and then back in the chastity cage for weeks with the smell and taste of My salty and dirty feet in your mouth. Yeah, Madame Sarka is rested, happy and comfortable now.

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Miss Feet Wonders

You love it when I return home with sweaty feet, however today I have a surprise for you.. I have dirty feet. You are going to learn to love dirty feet.

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Mistress Elena De Luca

These beat up, old, worn out gym sneakers are extra nasty and I know you just want to jerk to them. I bet you want to take them home to stroke your dick while you sniff and taste all the years of sweat and filth in them. I bet I could even make you cum on the dirty soles and lick it up.

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