Daily Fix: May 16th 2024 – Featured Encouraged Orgasms Fetish Clips

by Celebrity Slave
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Princess Aurora

Your inner workings are so tuned into the desires of Princess Aurora, your own sexual triggers are totally Hers to control. You don’t have a foot fetish, you never thought about having one. But now Princess Aurora want you to have one. You’ll be grateful that She is allowing you arousal at any part of Her body. Now your foot fetish shall begin.

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Miss Alika White

I know you can’t resist getting your cock out and stroking. You’re such an obsessive horny little freak. As you love stroking your cock for me so much, today I’m going to make you show me exactly how much you love to worship and stroke. You’re going to show your devotion and commitment by continuing to worship even after you’ve made a cum puddle on the floor. I don’t care if you want to stop after cumming. Don’t complain, it’s rare that I let you cum at all so you should count yourself lucky that you get to cum twice in a row. So you’d better do as I say, you don’t want to disappoint me now do you?

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Goddess Harley LaVey

Aren’t you growing tired of having the same vanilla orgasm over and over again? The basic 1, 2 stroke, cum and you’re done? Don’t you crave to try something else? Something to give your Sex Life some spice? Some edge? You see as a woman we have so many ways to cum; Penetration, Clitoral Stimulation, Anal and even Nipple Play. But for a man, surely there has to be more than 1 way that you can ejaculate? Oh, and there is. It’s something we’re going to explore together today. Combined with a little of that vanilla you’re used to, and you won’t believe how immensely we can double your pleasure!

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Goddess Valentina Fox

You’re obsessed with watching my ass. The way it moves, the way it’s shaped…… You just can’t get enough. Go deeper for my ass. I know as soon as you cum for it you’ll be trapped for life.

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Princess Amber

Wow… I never thought that I’d meet somebody interesting like you at the bar we were at tonight. There’s usually only very serious people and nobody fun like you. I guess cause it’s right across the street from that government building… As you can see, I live right down the block. Oh you work in the building too? Really!?!? What do you do? Is it classified?… Thats so sexy! You’re lying aren’t you. I bet you work in maintenance… that’s not sexy at all. EWE I thought you were important, I think you should leave now. I want a real man, not some maintenance guy! Ohhhhh, you’re the chief security officer for the mainframe computer? Wow that sounds REALLY important, but how do I know you’re really who you say you are. Tell me something to prove it …….

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