Daily Fix: May 13th 2024 – Featured Love Addiction Fetish Clips

by Celebrity Slave
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Goddess Valentina Fox

You just can’t get enough. You spend hours here, glued to your screen, stroking and staring into the eyes of Goddess Valentina Fox. You’ve always been weak for beautiful women but what She do to you is something different. Goddess Valentina Fox have such a powerful effect on you, you can’t get images of Her out of your head, can’t control the thoughts of Her that pull you back here every time.

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Lady Mesmeratrix

After chatting for a long time, it is time for us to finally meet! I have such a big surprise for you, I will make this date, your best date ever! You will never forget about it, trust me. Our love will get deeper and deeper as you get to know me! Am I going to fuck your mind or your ass? Maybe both…

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Goddess Latex Barbie

Hello. I know what you crave. This is so much more than just a jerk addiction – as I work my seductive power on you, it becomes clear how deeply you’ve fallen for me. My eyes, lips, my feet and legs, my shiny heels all fascinate and draw you closer to me. Safe with me. Falling in love with me…

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Miss Maddy

There are so many types of men. Some are completely useless, truly contributing nothing to the greater good in any way, shape, or form. Some are fun, easy going, naturally masculine men who don’t have to fake hyper machismo. The true Alpha type, not bothered by weaker men or strong women. But they aren’t necessarily dedicated and devoted to true servitude. THAT’S My favorite type of man – a sweet, submissive boy. Always grateful, always looking to please Me, always putting My wants above his needs. That’s the only type of guy I really want around in My life…are you a sweet boy?

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Princess Arielle

With a body like this, how could you ever resist being owned for life! Take one look at My perky tits & prove that you’re MY good boy! You will never escape My dominion, that obedient cock is proof. Pump that dick and show your devotion to Me pet! My perfect Princess nipples own your cock and know exactly how to make you weak. With every bounce you fall further in love & before you know it you’re MINE! Jerk to My big juicy titties and fall deeper into submission. You will never escape this, I own that dick! This is where you were always meant to be, under My hot bikini body eternally. Bow down and worship… get on your knees while you stroke that hard aching cock.

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