Daily Fix: May 29th 2024 – Featured Flip Flops Fetish Clips

by Celebrity Slave
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Goddess Bratty Bunny

Goddess Bratty Bunny is going to make you Her flip flop bitch. You have to do what She say and lick these filthy flip flops clean. See Her foot imprint on them? You’re going to suck it off these flip flops. You need to be used as Her little tongue cleaner of dirty used up flip flops. You want to be used in this way to please Goddess Bratty Bunny. A dirty little flip flop bitch for Goddess Bratty Bunny.

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Princess Ceara Lynch

CLASSIC CEARA – Is there any better time than when the sun is out and girls like me are wearing skimpy summer outfits and well worn flip flops? Hard to resist when you’re being lured back inside to have your fetish exploited. After all, we can’t have you weirdos like you roaming the streets aimlessly, scoping for some visual stimuli to jerk it to later. You’re much better off being teased and used by me, don’t you think?

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Miss Amy

I’ve been walking barefoot and my feet are so filthy. When I get home, I show you my flip flops – I know you love flip flops. But when I remove them, you see just how black my feet are. So I put your tongue to good use and make you lick them clean whilst I laugh at you.

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Miss Feet Wonders

With dusty feet and the flip flops of Miss Feet Wonders, watch Her walk down the stairs – make sure your eyes are glued to Her feet.

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Miss Honey Barefeet

So you liking them flip flops and being pretty much obsessed with those? Mmm yeah i can imagine they making you cock hard fast. Is it something about how they look or maybe the feet smell? Or perhaps flip flops tapping? But i agree that they look so sexy on my feet. Tell me, do you fantasize about rubbing your cock between those insoles and my feet? Did you know that rubber absobs the smell and the taste of feet? I bet you like that a lot. You seem to be jerking of hard now as i wiggle them in front of you. You want to come closer? Oh, you are so excited about my feet in flip flops. Might be even thinking to cum on them don’t you? You are so naughty. But it feels so good right?

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