Daily Fix: May 28th 2024 – Featured Foot Smother Fetish Clips

by Celebrity Slave
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Goddess Jessica

You love watching Goddess Jessica peel a pair of thick, fat socks off of Her feet. You love thinking about how moist they are. Jerk to the pretty soles of Goddess Jessica and Her toes wiggling in your face. Jerk to the fantasy of Her socks stuffed down your throat. You know, you LOOK like someone who jerks off to socks!

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Goddess Astro Domina

Are you ready to play a fun game with me? You’re going to love it, but you also might not survive! Get out your wallet, little pay slave. Today Goddess Astro Domina is going to play a fun game with you, and this is probably the most high stakes game there is. Make sure you have one of your payment methods to Her ready before you start this one. She’s going to instruct you on just how this works, it’s pretty easy really, you hold your breath when she places her foot on your face and if you can’t last throughout it, you owe her a tribute! You know you love just how easily she controls not only your wallet, but your very life. She looks down on you like you’re nothing but a pathetic wallet slave, and that’s what you are of course. You should feel lucky she even gives you a little show here and there in between stepping on your face, closing your mouth and making you hold your breath. Sometimes she lets up easy and sometimes she’s going to challenge you. Just don’t forget, if you don’t make it the whole way until she lifts her foot, you had better send that tribute! It’s all worth it of course, to be used by your Goddess. You would give up your ability to breathe just to make her happy, so make sure to send those tributes and let her know just how well you did during this game!

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Mistress Gaia

My slave today will undergo a training session that will leave him breathless. First I allow him to lick my boots and smell my socks, but I want to catch his breath right away. I cover his mouth with tape so he can only start breathing in the scent of my socks. Then he will have to smell my bare feet, and finally I release his mouth, but only for a few seconds. In fact, I finish it off with some intense foot gagging. My feet command her breath.

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Princess Enola

As Mistress Enola, I often find myself stating a simple truth: “Once a loser, always a loser.” To those who are entranced by the allure of feet, who find themselves drawn to the potent scent of well-worn, damp socks, my words may resonate deeply. It’s a peculiar fascination, one that my obedient servant knows all too well. His devotion to feet, particularly to the rich aroma of my socks, is something I both understand and cater to. In my eyes, he’s a perpetual loser, a title he wears with an odd sort of pride. His life revolves around the pleasure derived from my feet. And who am I not to indulge such a unique craving? With a practiced ease, I administer an overwhelming dose of my foot scent, pressing my sweat-drenched socks against his face. This ensures he’s constantly immersed in the essence he so craves. As he inhales deeply, I can’t help but remind him of his place – how utterly worthless and pathetic he is, how his existence is defined by his submission to my will and whims. It’s a dynamic we both relish, each in our own twisted way.

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Mistress Stella Liberty

Stella loves to turn little foot bitches out. Having a sub under her feet and training him to her specifications is the most pleasurable thing. She foot smothers this slave with her perfect soft soles and makes him pledge his allegiance to her feet for all time. There is no better place than under Mistress Stella’s feet and he knows how lucky he is to sniff, lick, kiss and worship her divine perfection.

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