Sunday April 12th 2015

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Princess Jeslyn


Birthday Princess Jeslyn is celebrating Her Birthday today so that means tons of spoils for this succulent Goddess! Click Her pic to buy Her a gift from Her Amazon Wish List


Click this pic to send Her a $100 Birthday Tribute




Click this pic to send Her a $50 Tribute


Princess Brandis


Princess Brandis woke in true Princess style today. Mimosas and tributes!



Later She had a craving for sushi because Jezebel Sinclair and Goddess Lola Lux were tweeting about it. Hope She got Her fill!

Keep serving and spending for this bratty Princess and buy Her clips on Clips4Sale!


Mistress Mina Thorne


Tauntress Mina Thorne loves what She does and it shows through Her remarkable work. Her pics are classic, Her clips are mesmerizing and Her mind is twisted.



She and Cybill Troy were doubling up the punishment on this lucky slave in Vicious Double Team Whipping on Clips4Sale. All the different whips, belts and floggers in this clip are divine. Mistress Mina said there was so much screaming from the slave you can hardly hear Her. How rude of him, I’m sure She punished him for that too.


Astro Domina


Astro Domina was busy and in demand today. She shot clips all day with Princess Ellie Idol. your mind wanders with wonder when She posts pics like this. What does She have in store for you now??

Femdom SEX GIF

She released FEMDOM SEX on Clips4Sale. And She blocked numerous losers today alone and still manages to have 20k+ followers on Twitter! This Domina is unstoppable! And She shines bright like a star while doing it all!




Goddess Kyaa


Relentless Goddess Kyaa was molding Her slaves minds again today with Her new religion clip Kyaaism Converted on Kinkbomb today.



She almost fools you with Her innocent look in this pic, but the we are quickly reminded that She will mold your mind to make you love sucking cock for Her.


And She also reminds you very quickly that your place is to be at Her glorious feet, handing over your cash.


Macey Jade 


Macey Jade was devastating Her minions today with 2 NEW clip releases on iWantClips! The first one Behind the Scenes is a candid glimpse of what Her day is like as She films more amazing clips. Filming a clip while filming clips! Can anyone get more productive than that??



Her next clip Sensual Stretching and Underarms is a slow tease of Her long toned body as She stretches and flaunts Her perfect


Trixie Miss


Trixie Miss corrupted Her foot boys with this hypnotic clip Heel Dangle Trigger Conditioning She posted on iWantClips today. She conditions Her puppets minds with Her sensual heel dangling and persuasive demands. Buy this clip to become Her next victim!


Datura D’vine



Femdom Goddess Datura D’vine is having the time of Her life devouring Her slaves. In this new clip Easy Prey for a Predator Like Me on iWantClips, She draws you in like a bug to light. Only to zap you with Her witchy beauty and mind demolishing curves and leave you a wilted empty carcass.


Bella Daisy


Busty bombshell Bella Daisy was taking call after call today on Niteflirt. She always know how to torment Her little sissy bimbo toys. And they seem to always know how to make Her happy. I wonder what the secret is….. $$$$$$$




Princess Claudia


Spoiled Princess Claudia released this hot #bratgirls clip today on iWantClips Fuck Off, Pay Me Its appropriately named from such a greedy demanding brat!



She’s so vain and greedy She even released Her personal Selfie Stash right off Her phone! 114 selfies and pics in this incredible set! Buy it off iWantClips today!!

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