Monday April 13th 2015

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Goddess Jasmine

a moutful gif

Brilliantly beautiful Goddess Jasmine posted A Mouthful on Clips4Sale today. She teases you to the edge in this clip, humiliating you all the way. Then, of course given the title of the clip, you can imagine what degrading task She has for you at the end. Buy it now for find out.



Princess Lacey


Princess Lacey is teasing Her footboys today with Her new clip Licking My Feet Shrinks you. She has magical feet and She doesn’t tell Her new client until his fate is sealed and he is shrinking before Her eyes.


And another yummy treat for Her foot boys was posted to NiteFlirt Drink That Alcohol and My Feet This clip includes Princess Lacey’s feet, forced into, Princess Lacey’s feet, humiliation and Princess Lacey’s feet. Did I mention Princess Lacey’s feet yet?? <3


Sasha Mizaree


Sasha Mizaree was working hard this Monday, just like Her little piggies except not as hard! She posted a clip on Kinkbomb today. Rocky’s Anti-Resistance Brainwash JOI Mistress Sasha has on the hottest outfit. All black leather corset, thigh high boots and long gloves, each one fitting perfectly.


Click the pic to spoil this amazing Dominatrix


London Lix


Wickedly beautiful London Lix was up late working on Her studio. Everything looks great on this side!



She added Human Ashtray to Her clips stores today. This smoking hot clip can be bought on Clips4Sale.


Mistress T


Mistress T had nothing better to do today than to just show off! So She did just that!


And to make Her foot boy’s weaker….


And to show off more! Natural beauty at it’s finest!




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